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3 Reasons Why a Townhouse in Edmonton Might be Right For You!

You may be beginning your home search on REALTOR.ca and trying to decide what type of property is right for you and your family. That decision is a vital part of the home buying process! You need to make sure you’re looking for properties that are within your budget and suit your lifestyle. Here are three reasons why townhome living might be the right choice for you!

Perks for the busy person.

A townhome is a perfect home to consider if you are a busy person or have a busy family! Townhomes are typically condos and, as such, are subject to bylaws. These rules are generally in place to ensure consistency with the property’s exterior condition. Homeowners pay into the condo fees monthly or yearly, depending on their chosen property. Although paying these fees may feel unfair, the reward is that this usually means you don’t need to worry about external maintenance. The condo board contracts maintenance companies to ensure your property is cared for seasonally. You can save time by not worrying about shovelling or lawn mowing. If you’re a first-time homeowner who wants the “house” feel without the (usual) higher cost of purchasing

a single-family home, then you’re in the right place!

That “house” feeling with a smaller footprint.

townhouse in Edmonton

Townhouses are a favourable choice if you are looking for something with a smaller footprint that will still give you that “house” feeling! Typically, less maintenance is required for these properties for a few reasons: less space and the Home Owners Association! The multi-floor concept separates rooms and living spaces, helping the home feel more spacious. Townhouses are popular amongst first-time homebuyers and small families, as they offer everything a detached house offers, but just for less! Most of the time, you will have some sort of green space, maybe even a garage and, as we mentioned earlier, more than one floor.

Location and community are ideal.

Townhouses can be found in dense and suitable locations. Generally, these properties are situated in dynamic places, meaning there are typically plenty of ideal choices for nearby schools, entertainment, shopping, parks, trails and more. For these reasons and more, townhouse living suits nearly everyone and every lifestyle. Another perk about townhome living is your sense of community and connection. With shared walls, it’s easy to get close to your neighbour, and many people love the idea of having a cozy, friendly, and familiar neighbourhood.

Are you interested in an Edmonton townhouse?

Jen & Chris

There are plenty of townhomes in Edmonton that can suit many different needs or lifestyles. Usually, they are built-in neighbourhood developments with multiple floors, parking spaces for residents and visitors (sometimes garages!), and shared walls with other home(s). If you’re in the market for a townhouse in Edmonton, Realty Unleashed would love to help you with your search! You can reach out to us here, and our team will get back to you right away!

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