5 Benefits in Hiring A Staging Company

Hiring a Calgary home staging company is effective because it helps your home sell quickly. If you are keen to list your property and don’t want it on the market for a long time, stage it. Realty Unleashed stages your Calgary home for free. Yes, for free. We include it as part of our listing services, which you can read more of here! Realty Unleashed is currently serving clients in Edmonton and Calgary. But, if you’re located somewhere else and need further insight on why home staging is worth the investment, keep reading!

1. Staging makes your home stand out.

Staging works because it makes your property stand out online. A buyer’s first stop is When people begin an online search, the first thing they see are photos of a listing. When your home shows that it has been cleaned and de-cluttered with furniture appropriately set up and tasteful decor throughout, your listing will get ample traction. For example, you might not have a baby, but you have a room that would make a great nursery. Staging it to look like a nursery will attract plenty of buyers who are new parents or parents-to-be. By staging it that way, you will appeal to many more buyers.

2. Staging maximizes buyers’ feelings.

Masters bedroom

Most buyers have a list of things they want or do not want in their future home. These checklists tend to guide decisions that buyers make about prospective homes. However, these “lists” seem less important when a home is staged. People experience comfort when they walk into a staged home; suddenly, it’s much easier to overlook things that people might’ve been against initially. When looking at a home that is staged properly, people have the chance to connect emotionally to the house. Home staging in Calgary works because buyers know that it is move-in ready. That sentiment alone is incredibly appealing to buyers.

3. Staging gives your home purpose.

A staged home turns the viewing experience into a house that buyers see themselves living in. Potential buyers can walk into rooms that have been set up intentionally, allowing them to visualize how to utilize each space. If a home is vacant with no furniture, it is difficult for someone to see themselves living there. By staging it, you are providing buyers with a memorable experience. Setting up rooms with furniture that gives the room purpose will improve the value of your property and, therefore, result in more viewings and offers.

4. Staging creates a neutral space.

Modern living room interior

Professional stagers have a wide variety of inventory of furniture and decor. Stagers will inspect your home, determine what will look best, and then go through their inventory. The general rule with staging is to make a home look unbiased, clean, and comfortable. Part of the staging process includes removing all individual items. Buyers don’t want to see a stranger’s family photos when they’re trying to envision themself living in your home. De-personalizing your home is a necessary piece of staging. Substituting those personal items with neutral items is part of the job for stagers! When it comes to selling your home, making it as impersonal as possible is the practice.

5. Look at the numbers.

The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) documented that only 4% of buyers said that staging didn’t impact their viewing experience, and 47% of REALTORS® reported the positive influence of home staging on their client’s buying process. The same survey concluded that home staging could sell your home 6-10% faster. Most sellers are looking for a fast sale. Not only that, but they are looking for an equitable sale. Home staging in Calgary is undoubtedly worth the time and effort. And, if you stage your Edmonton or Calgary home, you set up your listing to be a fierce competitor against every other listing in your market.

Realty Unleashed Stages for Free!

Realty Unleashed team

As we mentioned before, Realty Unleashed offers free home staging in Calgary and Edmonton. Yes, you heard that correctly – it’s completely complimentary with no catch at all. When you list your house with us, we stage it, clean it, and handle any donation and eco-station runs. We also take care of your lawn mowing or shovelling, depending on the season! We provide these services because we believe in providing our clients with the best service possible. It’s important to our team that our clients feel served and cared for when they work with any of our REALTORS®. Feel free to reach out to us if you are considering listing your home; we’d love to help you on the journey.

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