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5 Home Staging Myths Debunked

There are many things people believe to be true about home staging. For instance, some sellers think staging isn’t in the cards because it is too expensive. While this certainly can be true, it is not entirely true! You can typically stage your house with what you already own and a few simple touch-ups. Realty Unleashed offers free home staging in Edmonton and free home staging in Calgary. It is included in our listing services, with no strings attached. If you’re not located in one of these cities and wondering whether or not home staging is worth it, this article is for you! We are debunking some myths about staging you may have heard about, and giving you a few home staging tips in the process – read on!

Myth: Staging is just decorating.

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A widely held belief is that home staging only includes redecorating a home. Although decorating is part of the process, it isn’t the whole picture. The home staging process also includes cleaning, de-personalizing, curb appeal, etc. Typically when decorating, you bring in your own personal styles. With staging, though, it is quite the opposite. The idea is to make your home look as neutral as possible, meaning you are entirely de-personalizing your home. Any decor should appeal to the most expansive range of buyers as possible.

Myth: Home staging isn’t necessary when the market is hot.

While it might be more painless to sell your home in a hot market, without staging, you may be bidding farewell to higher offers, aka more money. Home staging increases the selling price because staging itself puts your home’s best foot forward. A 2021 survey by the NAR said that when a home is staged correctly before listing, homeowners can see a 5-15% return on investment.

Myth: After I list, I will stage my house.

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We cannot stress enough that you should be staging your house before listing it. One of our biggest home staging tips is to stage before you list. Your listing photos should represent your house when it is at its very best, and that is when it’s staged. We get it; you might be in a rush to get it on the market. But trust us when we say your house will be on and off the market a lot faster if it’s cleaned and staged before your REALTOR® takes the photos. Stage first, list after.

Myth: Staging is only for vacant homes.

Nope! Occupied staging exists for those living in their home while it is listed. When this is the case for our clients, we will set up a staging consult to help them work with what they already have. Often it means that we re-arrange furniture and help our clients clean their homes. Eco-station and donation runs are an essential part of occupied staging. You begin to start packing early! Getting rid of things that no longer serve you or your home is always a good practice, especially when you live in your house while it is listed.

Myth: Home staging is a money grab and real estate fad.

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Staging has gained significant popularity because it works. If you’ve walked into an open house or even just an in-person viewing, you will know when the home has been properly staged and when it’s not been. First impressions are vital for selling your home; by investing in staging services, you are giving yourself a leg-up in a constantly changing market. Although you may have been scared off by luxury homes on HGTV that are staged to the nines, we can assure you that every home can benefit from staging.

Still curious?

If you are still wondering how and why staging helps sell a house quicker, head over to this article. Thinking about selling your Edmonton or Calgary home? Feel free to connect with us – our team would love to help you on your selling journey!

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