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5 Proven Benefits of Home Staging In Edmonton

It’s no secret that home staging in edmonton has proven to help homeowners sell faster. The methods in which you stage a home are essential. There are different ways to place furniture, decorate, and de-clutter. These methods will differ depending on a few things. For example, the size of your home and how much space you have. We have a whole article written about how you can stage your home with what you’ve got. Not convinced staging is worth the money (except with us!) or worth the time? Well, keep on reading because this article is for you.

Your online listing will gain more traction.

REALTOR.ca is the powerhouse of online real estate listings. People looking for a home to buy will likely end up on REALTOR.ca. And it is in your best interest to maximize this opportunity. A well-staged home, in combination with great photos, is going to perform better against your competitors. Should someone view your listing and love what they see, they will be inclined to set up an in-person viewing. More viewings will lead to a faster sale!

Your home will stand out.

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Many houses on the market are not staged. They may be tidied up for photos, but that’s usually about it. Staging requires you to de-clutter, move things around, clean, and remove personal items. The goal is to help your property look its absolute best and for it to stand out. The effort involved in staging can be a lot. But, the staging process does not need to be a headache when done correctly. There are plenty of home staging companies in Edmonton that will help you out with this! Although heads up, we include staging in our listing services and offer it for free!

Staging leads to a faster sale.

A well-staged home offers potential buyers the chance to visualize themselves in your home. This opportunity has proved to persuade buyers in the direction of making an offer. That is the goal, after all. When a home is staged and looking its best, buyers will likely overlook material issues. Things like a sub-par paint job or updating baseboards will not seem to be as big of a deal. Set up your home to make that unforgettable first impression, more than likely leading to multiple offers for you.

A few ways to optimize your home with staging:

  • Depersonalize your space by taking family photos off the walls, for example. Remove anything that is specific to you so that you can give buyers a clean slate to picture themselves in.
  • Declutter shelves, counters, and any other space that looks messy. You want to provide buyers with a space that feels like the options for their own decor is endless!
  • Place furniture in a way that gives off a warm and welcoming feeling! Move your living room furniture around in a way that says: Come sit down for a cup of coffee.

You can read more about how to best stage your home here!

Maximizes a buyers sense of urgency.

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Buyers must act with a sense of urgency in a seller’s market. Or, in other words, when the housing market is hot. A buyer is more likely to be positively impacted by first impressions and initial emotions during these desirable markets. People looking to buy a home are looking to walk into a property and feel a connection. By staging your home and making it feel homey and welcoming, you are positioning yourself for success.

Show off your move-in-ready home.

Some buyers are looking for homes to fix and flip. But most of the time, home buyers are looking for a move-in-ready home. Moving is typically a hassle on its own. So, when someone finds a home that is more or less ready, that is a dream come true! When your property is already cleaned, depersonalized, and staged, it tells buyers that it is ready for its newest owner. For buyers, there is nothing better than walking into a home you love that screams, “READY!”

With all that said…

Staging your home is without a doubt worth your energy, time, and resources. Buyers know whether or not they like a home within the first 5 seconds of walking in. That means the curb appeal (exterior of a property) and the way your home looks on the inside are paramount. Our REALTOR®s are here to assist you with this process. We offer our staging services completely free if you list your property with us. If you are gearing up to list your Edmonton or Calgary home, we’re here to help. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can make your home stand out and look its absolute best!

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