5 Reasons Why You Should Always Ask Your REALTOR®️ For Advice

Working with an Edmonton REALTOR® has an immense amount of benefits: expertise, knowledge of the market, and continued support, to name a few. Trusting your real estate professional and their advice is vital to the success of your transaction, and that means you should never hesitate to ask for advice when you are uncertain about something. We compiled a list of 5 reasons why you should always ask your Edmonton REALTOR® for advice, keep reading to learn more!

1. Their expertise is unparalleled.

The real advantage of working alongside a real estate professional is their expertise and morality. Your REALTOR® should hold themselves to the highest standard, as they must follow a code of ethics. Real estate professionals should always be directed by their responsibility to their clients. REALTORS® will demonstrate their expertise in a few ways, but primarily via finding homes that meet your wants and needs, negotiating, writing contracts, pricing, comparables, and of course, closing a deal. Buying or selling a home is a meaningful and often stressful time in anyone’s life, so it helps to have a seasoned and experienced real estate professional work alongside you. You can expect to sell for more, buy for less, and avoid highly influential errors by having proper representation.

2. They know the market best.

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If there’s anything that changes faster than seasons in Edmonton, it’s the real estate market. The constant ebbs and flows of the market can be jarring for someone who is not a real estate professional. Edmonton REALTORS® are constantly monitoring these changes and adapting ways to navigate the market successfully. If you have a broken arm, you aren’t going to try to fix it yourself; you would go to the hospital to see a doctor. If you are buying a house, you should consult a real estate professional to assist you in navigating the market; they will be able to navigate it better and more effectively than you could on your own.

3. You can avoid mistakes.

Odds are, your REALTOR® knows more about the market, negotiating, home prices, and real estate contracts than you do. Asking for their advice before you make any rash decisions is always a good practice, as they should always be acting in your very best interest! Your REALTOR® will have a network of people they are familiar with: inspectors, lawyers, lenders, contractors, etc. While they might not have the answer to your question, they will more than likely be able to find out for you by making a quick call to one of their many contacts. Your real estate professional has a strong understanding of the rules and regulations that surround buying and selling. Therefore they should always be consulted when you need professional advice and guidance to avoid missteps.

4. Their guidance and support will be notable.

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Whether you are buying or selling, deep emotions are attached to the process. It can be incredibly overwhelming and often frustrating. A good REALTOR® will provide you with direction, support, and above all, sound advice. They have a vast understanding of homes, markets, and the feelings that come up for buyers and sellers. If you are unsure about an offer, get advice from your REALTOR®. If you are uncertain whether or not you should negotiate with a seller, get advice from your REALTOR®. If you feel emotional about moving from your beloved home, we are sure your REALTOR® can sympathize with you. Your real estate professional’s job is to help you feel confident in your buying or selling journey. By checking in and getting advice from them whenever you are unsure about something, you can move through the process at ease while feeling supported.

5. Your success is their main priority.

At the end of the day, your REALTOR® wants you to have a successful transaction. Whether buying a new home or selling your cherished home, your real estate professional always intends to get you what you want and need. With that said, they can’t do it independently; you must consistently communicate with your REALTOR® and be open to their knowledge and advice. We love when our clients consult us with questions because it means they trust us. The confidence you have in your REALTOR® will directly correlate with the success of your home-buying or home-selling journey.

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