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5 Things that Calgary Staging Companies Do to Increase Your Home’s Value

Home staging aims to get a house ready for sale by applying certain practices and procedures. Professional home stagers in Calgary use furniture and decor to help create a visual representation of each room. They will also work on decluttering, depersonalizing and cleaning the home to make it as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Home staging motivates a buyer to make a swift offer, leading to a faster sale at a higher price. The National Association of REALTORS® completed a survey in 2021, which found that homeowners could see a 5-15% return on investment when their home was staged before it was listed. We’re breaking down 5 ways that Calgary home stagers increase your home’s value just by staging it!

Stagers know how to make your home neutral.

If you’re wondering who might have the best furniture and decor inventory around you, it would be professional home stagers in Calgary. Living in your home will represent who you are. The staging process involves swapping out those personal aspects for neutral items. Buyers do not want to see a stranger’s family’s pictures when they’re trying to envision their family living in your home. When getting ready to sell your home, making it as neutral as possible is the goal. Stagers will determine what will look best in your home and then pick and choose from their inventory. Your house should look impersonal, tidy, and cozy.

Stagers know how to persuade positive feelings out of buyers.

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When a buyer begins their home search, they typically have a list of things that they want to find in their future home. Once they have this checklist in mind, it will inevitably guide their decision-making on a home. What we’ve noticed when showing clients homes, however, is that these “lists” seem less important when the house is staged. It becomes much easier to overlook things when a home looks move-in ready, clean, and minimalist. Perhaps someone really wants a finished basement; in fact, it is almost a non-negotiable for them, but they also really wanted an east-facing nursery so the natural light would bounce in throughout the day. When they step into a room staged as a nursery, with a crib and some cute decor fit for a baby, their emotions are being triggered – positively, of course! Buyers have a better chance of emotionally and mentally connecting with a house when it is adequately staged, cleaned, and set up purposely and intentionally. 

Stagers will work on decluttering your space.

Every house has clutter; it’s just a part of living in a home. You probably have a junk drawer or a dish where everyone throws their keys – well, same! But part of the staging process will include removing obvious clutter so that the home puts its very best foot forward. Calgary home stagers will work with you to depersonalize and declutter your home. You will have to do this anyway if you plan to move, so you might as well get a head start on it before you list!

Stagers help buyers fall in love with your home.

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Picture this: you are doing a home walk-through and get to the living room. You see a stylish couch, a gorgeous area rug, and tasteful decor, including a trendy Vogue coffee table book. You walk to the backyard and can already envision your dog running around and hosting friends for a BBQ. Are you home yet? Look, our point is that home staging will give your buyer a peek into their life in your home. They need to see how every room can be used; think: seeing is believing. These first impressions are significant. Most buyers will decide whether they will buy a house in the first 5 minutes of viewing a property. You can position your property as a better competitor by staging your home.

Stagers help your home dominate the online market.

REALTOR.ca is the first stop for people looking to buy a home. Here they can find any and all houses listed in their city. With so many houses on the market, your home has to stand out. A staged home spends less time on the market, and will have a better chance of selling for more money. When buyers look online, the photos of your home are everything; they will determine whether they want to book an in-person viewing. Encourage buyers to consider viewing your home by having it staged before listing.

Realty Unleashed stages for free.

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Realty Unleashed offers free home staging in Edmonton and free home staging in Calgary. When you list with us, we also provide free cleaning services, lawn care, eco-station and donation center runs, and more. We believe in the value of home staging because we have seen it work time and time again. If you are in the market for an Edmonton REALTOR® or a Calgary REALTOR®, we’d love to hear from you!

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