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Buying Your Home During Life’s Seasons of Change

Beth moved with her family from Eastern Canada to Edmonton in 1997. Beth’s husband had to relocate for work, so the family began a new chapter here in Alberta. After a difficult few years and experiencing a season of losses, she and her children would move to the first home she bought as a single parent in 2005. Beth’s home buying process all those years ago proved to be vastly different from her most recent purchase in the fall of 2020.

Although for unique reasons, both transactions took place during major life changes for Beth. From divorce, children growing up, ageing parents, and career problems, many of us can relate to the discomfort of change. In the midst of these major transitions, it doesn’t seem ideal to add “buying a home” to your list. As life would have it, Beth didn’t have a say in how things decided to unfold. She would be buying a home in the midst of several other huge adjustments. While buying a home can certainly be exciting, there are always unexpected emotions that are tied to the process.


The home Beth bought in 2005 was purchased via private sale, meaning the owner of the home takes it upon themselves to sell it. In 2020, the purchase was made with help of a REALTOR®. When I asked Beth what the expectations of her Best Realtors In Edmonton were, it was nothing unreasonable. “Informative, not so quick to get me off the phone, someone who is patient and able to answer my questions,” Beth explained. Although she might not have had this experience with her REALTOR®, she was still satisfied with the end result. Beth had great reviews for her mortgage broker and real estate lawyer; two professionals who are also very important in the home buying process. “Accessible, reasonable, and patient,” were how Beth explained both the broker and the lawyer.

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If you are looking to buy a home, your real estate professional will hopefully be available to answer your questions throughout the process. While Beth’s REALTOR® was absent at times, she made sure Beth would pay a fair and reasonable price for her new home. This requires a real estate professional to do some legitimate research. They need to look at the market, compare similar listings, and look into the history of the home and neighbourhood, just to name a few.

Another critical part of homebuying is getting an inspection, which Beth said was imperative before moving into a new home. Part of the transition that Beth was going through at this time was moving to a different city with her elderly mother. This was, of course, a big change for both Beth and her mom, having lived in the same city for over 20 years. Being that it was just the two of them, Beth wanted to ensure the house was safe and ready to be lived-in.

“I’m not an expert with maintenance, so I really wanted this to be done by a professional to have some peace of mind,” Beth relayed to me. The inspection helped ease some of the initial concerns and brought to light some areas of the home that needed to be updated, based on city regulations. The inspection allowed Beth to become aware of some issues regarding electrical, windows, and doors, which played into the asking price being lowered.


Because Beth didn’t have a partner or someone to help her weigh out the pros and cons of different home options, she really had to rely on the knowledge of her real estate professional. She made sure to stay involved in the buying process so as not to be blindsided by any fees or other happenings.

“I didn’t want to be surprised with any closing costs,” Beth said to me, “I made sure to ask for clarification if I ever needed it.” As REALTOR®’s ourselves, we applaud Beth for wanting to stay in the know. For anyone buying a home, it’s great to understand where your money is going. And that was certainly a priority for Beth, “I am the sole income, so I need to know that if I’m making an investment, it’s going to be in my best interest.”

We asked Beth what she thinks would have made the home buying experience better or easier for her, and we think her answer can be of value to someone in a similar situation.

“Be in the know as much as possible, make sure to ask your REALTOR® questions if something doesn’t make sense to you, or if you need more clarification,”

– Beth

“Some people are very knowledgeable because they always purchase and sell properties, but some people have never purchased a home. All parties should understand the process. Don’t feel guilty for requiring answers.”

And Beth is right. If you’re ever unsure about a decision your real estate professional is making on your behalf, you should be asking them to elaborate. Ultimately, your REALTOR® wants to get you the best deal and for the transaction to go smoothly. If you are going through a difficult season in your life, you might feel unable to stay in the loop when buying a home. Sometimes you need to put complete trust into your REALTOR®. If that’s the case, we encourage you to talk with your real estate professional about what is going on. This way, they can hopefully empathize and find a home that is ideal for you and your family.

“My REALTOR® was very busy and not always patient, but she understood my situation and helped me secure the home that was perfect for my elderly mom and I,” Beth explained to me, “Her understanding meant a lot to me. It allowed me to trust her, which was really important at that time.”


If you are looking for a Home Staging Edmonton and are looking for a REALTOR® you can trust and rely on, we would love to help you. In fact, we are committed to your best interest. Fill out this form and we will get back to you soon.

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