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Edmonton’s Best Coffee Shops

Coffee is deeply integrated into our culture here at Realty Unleashed. We have a particular routine that kick-starts the day for all of us. Our mornings always begin with someone making coffee in our beloved Moccamaster, which includes measuring the suitable amount of ground coffee to water. Someone else steps in, grabs the mugs, and mixes the right cream-to-brewed coffee ratio. That same someone brings the warm mugs over to everyone’s desk. It’s a meticulous process that, to us, is sacred. Now, on the afternoons when we’re out and about, and real estate is hustling, we opt for getting coffee from one of our favourite local coffee shops. If you consider yourself to be a bit of a coffee snob like us, keep reading.

Transcend Coffee

Ordering a coffee

We use almost exclusively Transcend Coffee in our office. We love them so much that we get a bi-weekly delivery of four coffee bags. For someone who loves cream in their coffee, Transcend is one of the few coffee shops where I will order black coffee. You can taste the COFFEE in the coffee if you know what I’m saying! My personal favourite is the Gateway Blend, which is an ode to being a YEG business. They have two locations for you to choose from, one in Garneau and the other in Ritchie.

Visit Transcend Coffee at:
  • 8708 109 St NW
  • #100, 9570 76 Ave NW

The Colombian

In Front of the Coffee Shop

You may recall seeing the Colombian at farmer’s markets across the city a few years ago. Since then, they’ve come a long way, now having two locations here in Edmonton: the first in Glenora and the other in Ritchie. The Colombian is quickly becoming a local treasure, especially since opening their brand new shop in The French Quarter, If you’re looking for a fantastic oat milk latte, you need not look any further!

Visit The Colombian at:
  • #1, 10340-134 Street NW
  • 8816-92 Street NW

Ace Coffee Roasters

Ordering a coffee

Another crowd favourite in our office, Ace Coffee is bursting with options and delicious espresso blends. With three locations in Edmonton, you’re bound to be able to grab a to-go at some point! If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for an excellent iced coffee or cold brew. Well, I bring good news: Ace Coffee has, in my opinion, the best cold brew in YEG, making it the perfect summer spot. Add a splash of creamy oat milk for an even better taste.

Visit Ace Coffee Roasters at:
  • 10055 80th Ave
  • 11053 86 Ave
  • 3696 97 St NW

Iconoclast Coffee Roasters

Coffee shop entrance

One of our favourite things about Iconoclast is how close they are to our office! We always enjoy popping in for a nice latte. Their Portmanteau Espresso is a decadent and warm flavour that is complimented well with almond milk. You can also visit one of the other few boutique shops that are in the same space!

Visit Iconoclast Coffee Roasters at:
  • 12021 102 Ave NW
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