Home Staging Fees In Calgary That You Need to Know About

Having your home staged will vary in cost depending on the number of services you require and how many rooms you plan to stage. As a general rule, you can expect to pay upwards of $500 for the consultation and around $600 per month PER staged room. There is no doubt that home staging is a costly service, but if you are looking to get the highest offer for your house, you will want to invest in staging services. The good news for you is that Realty Unleashed stages your house for free. There is no catch and no strings attached. Based on our experience selling homes, we have found that staged homes spend less time on the market and sell for a higher price. If you’re interested in staging your home but wonder about Calgary home staging costs, this article is for you!

A broad look at the different costs

Staging companies offer clients an initial walk-through consultation. The consultation usually consists of a professional home stager doing a walk-through of your home, giving you an idea of how to use what you already have. This initial consultation generally costs around $300-$700, depending on the staging company. The next step is an organizing consultation, where a home stager will organize your current decor and devise a plan for what can go into a storage unit while your home is listed. This service costs upwards of $800, on top of the walk-through consultation. Are you looking for a redesign plan? You can expect to pay upwards of $1,500 for a detailed document of furniture arrangement. You can read more about the many costs here.

Furniture rentals

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Furniture rentals are not cheap. You can expect to pay approximately $500-$600 per month for each staged room. Once you know your budget, focus on specific rooms: the primary bedroom, a children’s room, and the living room. These rooms are typically the most important to buyers. Of course, the kitchen is a valuable part of any home, but people can get an idea of the functionality of a kitchen just by looking at the layout. Empty rooms, though, don’t have that luxury, meaning that you need to put furniture in said rooms to give them purpose. It’s difficult for buyers to walk into empty spaces and visualize how they would use them. We will bring in our staging furniture if you decide to list your home with Realty Unleashed. We have a wide variety of inventory and determine what to use based on the look and feel of your home! We will help you stage with what you already have if you live in your home while you list. It is possible to have a well-staged home with your existing furniture and decor.

Why is staging so costly?

While stagers will try to use what homeowners already have as much as possible, usually, there needs to be additional furniture and decor brought in. Obviously, a vacant home will be more costly to stage than a non-vacant home because the entire house is empty, meaning there is more space to fill. Another place where the cost comes into play is, well, the actual staging process! This requires U-haul rentals, hiring additional people to move the furniture, driving to-and-from storage units, etc. Stagers might also suggest decluttering and depersonalizing your home, another service that staging companies generally provide at a rate. Calgary home staging costs will differ depending on all of these things and more, but a friendly reminder that Realty Unleashed serves the city of Calgary and we will happily stage your home for free when you list with us.

How we can help

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Realty Unleashed offers free home staging in Edmonton and free home staging in Calgary when you list your property with us. Home staging is a puzzle with many smaller pieces that, eventually, come together. Our specialized Curb Appeal Crew will give your home both a listing clean and a move-out clean, they will maintain your yard for the duration of your listing, stage your home, take any unwanted items to the donation center or eco-station, and much more. Our REALTORS® have seen time and time again the value of home staging, and we believe that by offering this service for free, we are allowing clients to move on quicker. Selling your home is always an emotional experience, whether you are moving for a happy or sad reason. There are memories built into the foundation of your house, and the selling process alone can be emotionally taxing. If you are hoping to have your home sold fast and for the highest price, we encourage you to stage it. If you’re located in Edmonton or Calgary and don’t have a REALTOR® yet, you can reach out to us here – we’d love to talk with you!

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