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Home Staging in Edmonton: Is it Worth the Cost?

Home staging is the process of getting a home ready for sale by assisting buyers in envisioning their life there. This strategy uses furniture to help create a visual representation of each room. Stagers also work on de-cluttering and de-personalizing a home, making it more neutral for potential buyers. Home staging motivates a buyer to make a swift offer. A well-staged home has a greater chance of selling faster and for more money. A 2021 survey done by NAR reports that when a home is staged before listing, homeowners can see a 5-15% return on investment. Home staging companies vary in cost, but generally, these services tend to be costly. In fact, we have an article here about the cost breakdown. The good news for you is that Realty Unleashed offers free Home Staging in Edmonton and Calgary. That’s right! We stage your vacant home entirely for free when you list with us. If you’re wondering why staging is worth it, we’ve got all the reasons why it IS worth it here for you.

Because staging gives your home purpose

When a home is well staged, it turns the viewing experience into a house that buyers can actually see themselves living in. Potential buyers are able to walk into rooms that are set up a certain way, allowing them the ability to visualize how to utilize each space. If a home is vacant, it looks boring and confusing. It’s difficult for buyers to see themselves living there. By staging it, you are providing buyers with an experience. One that is memorable and warm. Setting up rooms with furniture that gives the room purpose will improve the value of your property, and therefore will result in more viewings and offers.

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Because staging makes your home stand out

Staging is effective because it makes your property stand out online. Their first stop is REALTOR.ca, the powerhouse of online listings for a buyer. When people begin an online search, the first thing they see are photos of a listing. When your home is cleaned, de-cluttered, furniture appropriately set up, with tasteful decor throughout, your listing will get much more traction than those without. For example, you might not have kids, but you have room to make a perfect nursery. By staging it that way, you will appeal to many more buyers.

Because staging leads to faster sales.

Staged homes have proven to persuade buyers in the direction of making an offer. That is the goal. When a home is staged and looking its best, buyers will likely overlook material issues or things that might have been “non-negotiables” initially. Something like a sub-par paint job or not having the den they wanted so badly will not seem to be as big of a deal. Set up your home to make that unforgettable first impression, more than likely leading to multiple offers for you.

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Because staging capitalizes on buyers’ emotions.

Most buyers list items that they want or do not want in their future home. These lists tend to dictate decisions that potential buyers will make. When your home is staged, it gives off feelings of comfort for buyers. If the property feels like home, this “list” that a buyer has suddenly doesn’t carry so much significance. It becomes much easier not to put so much importance on the very things they may have been against in the first place. The truth is that as people, we quickly act on our emotions. And this is even more true when it comes to buying a home. When looking at your home that is staged properly, you give that person the chance to connect emotionally to your house. Home staging in Edmonton works because buyers know that it is move-in ready. That sentiment alone is incredibly appealing to buyers.

Because the data says, staging works.

You might be wondering: “Is there data to prove that staging works?” Well, we are here to assure you that yes, there is! The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) documented that only 4% of buyers said that staging did not affect their viewing experience, and 47% of real estate professionals reported the positive impact of home staging on their client’s buying process. The same survey concluded that home staging could sell your home 6-10% faster. Most sellers are looking for a quick sale. Not only that, but they are looking for an equitable sale. Home staging in Edmonton is certainly worth the time and effort. And, if you stage your Edmonton or Calgary home, you set up your listing to be a fierce competitor against every other listing in your market.

If you’re thinking it’s time to sell and need help staging your home, feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.

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