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Home Staging Works. And Yes, You Can Do it for Free.

If someone asked what would best help sell your vacant house, selling it empty or staged, how would you answer? Every time we’ve asked that question to our clients, they have answered correctly: staged. Usually, staging a home can cost anywhere between $1,000 to $2,500 per month, depending on your home’s size. For a typical single-family home, that could set you back $3,000 – $4,500 depending on the days on the market. Calgary home staging companies are readily available to assist you in making your home stand out in the market. They will help you get the most out of the sale price. The bump in price from a beautifully staged home often helps to alleviate the cost of staging. The outlay of cost is a genuine deterrent for anyone who seeks to sell their home.

At Realty Unleashed, we know what you know: a staged house sells faster and for more. And that’s what we want for you! We also know that paying for staging can certainly feel risky. Especially when you’re paying for many other services during the selling process. That’s why Realty Unleashed offers complimentary home staging in Calgary for vacant properties. Yes, you heard that right! Complimentary home staging! And don’t worry, if you are selling your home while still residing in it, we’ve got some tips to share. Hopefully, these bits of advice will help you make the most of what you’ve already got! Keep reading to find out why home staging works.

Staging your home will get your more viewings + a faster sale

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Putting your house up for sale can seem risky because there is no way of knowing when a sale will come, especially when it’s vacant. Staging your home will drastically improve the chances of a sale and achieves the sale faster! One of the key drivers of traffic to your house is the pictures posted in your listing. Having staged spaces helps those who view your property online to differentiate between rooms. They can get a more visual sense of the area. According to the National Association of Realtors, 95% of buyers are looking online for homes.

So with that in mind, you can understand why your online presence is essential! This is why we, and staging companies in Calgary, recommend that you stage your house before listing. Beautifully staged spaces and great photos taken in natural light will help make your home look its best! Better performing properties on REALTOR.ca result in more in-person viewings. The more in-person viewings your property gets, the faster your house sells. Making the sale as quickly as possible is usually high on the to-do list. To check that off the list, consider staging the house even before listing it.

Create unforgettable experiences by making incredible first impressions

Picture this: you are doing a home walk-through, and you get to the living room. The living room has a trendy leather couch and a big beautiful rug. The coffee table is topped with a candle and books, probably a neutral decor book. You walk over to the back door, which takes you to the backyard. You can already see your kids running around playing tag. Are you home yet? Look, our point is that home staging will give your buyer a peek into their life in your home. Buyers need to be able to see their families living in that home. Think: seeing is believing.

Something else to keep in mind is that buyers are often concerned with their future home being “move-in ready.” By tasteful furnishings and decorative touches, you are lending to their experience. These first impressions are significant. Most buyers will decide whether they will buy a house in the first 5 minutes of viewing a property. So, capitalize on this sentiment and position your property to be a better competitor. 

Tips for staging your own home with what you’ve already got.

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The truth is that it isn’t practical for many home sellers to move out of their homes before selling them. Realty Unleashed has been known to add bits to help sellers who currently live in their houses. But, most staging services in Calgary require the home to be vacant. We must adhere to the same policy to make sure our furniture can stay in great shape for future clients! But don’t worry! We want to give you some tips we’ve learned along the way. We hope they will help you intentionally stage your own home with the belongings you already have!

  • Declutter, declutter, declutter: We can’t say it enough. This should be the first step you take. It will make the rest of the staging process much easier for you! Clear the shelves, the mantels, countertops, and tables. You can even look at this as the first part of the packing process – a double whammy. Need boxes to help? Realty Unleashed has got you.
  • De-personalize: Buyers want to be able to visualize themselves in your home. It’s okay to leave a few neutral paintings and things alike up. But otherwise, try your best to pave the way for the imagination of your potential buyers.
  • Your T.V. takes a back seat: Many people have televisions in their living rooms. But when it comes to staging, it’s good practice to remove it or avoid making it the center of attention. Instead, try channelling a cozy space. Somewhere you would want to curl up with a book or have a conversation over tea with a friend. Make your couches and coffee table the eye-catching scene by placing a clean throw blanket over your seating arrangements. Consider putting a new candle or a neutral book on top of the coffee table.
  • Light it up: Take a look around your house and see which light fixtures need a tune-up. Replace dim bulbs with warm-toned but high-output bulbs; this will give rooms a homey, comfortable feel.

Realty Unleashed has a specially trained Curb Appeal Crew who are ready to assist you. They are the pros who make sure your home looks presentable and ready to sell. Our Crew will help to keep those costs at bay. A whopping 40% of buyers noted that home staging influenced their view of a home. For this reason, and others we’ve mentioned, Realty Unleashed truly believes in the value of staging services. That’s why we offer them for free. If you’re interested in home staging, you can choose to go with us, another company, or on your own. Either way, we hope this article emphasized the advantage that home staging offers when it’s time to sell your Calgary home!

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