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How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger Through Home Staging in Edmonton

Home staging is an integral part of the selling process, as it can significantly impact a potential buyer’s perception of a property. By preparing your home for sale via home staging, you can highlight your property’s best features. Although it may be challenging to stage a small room, it is certainly possible. There are a few ways to stage a small space to look bigger, and we’ve got some of the best ways written down for you in this article. 

De-clutter your space.

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De-cluttering a small room is an essential step in Edmonton home staging, as it can help to create a more spacious and organized environment for potential buyers. To de-clutter a small room when home staging, a good place to start is by removing any unnecessary items, such as excess furniture, personal belongings, or decor that does not add value to the space; this can help create a clean and neutral canvas for buyers to imagine themselves living in the room. Home staging in Edmonton can create a more inviting and spacious environment for potential buyers by de-cluttering a small room.

Use mirrors + lighting!

Another creative way to stage a small room is the use of mirrors! Mirrors can help create the illusion of more space by reflecting light and making the room feel larger. Hang a mirror on one of the walls or choose furniture with mirrored surfaces to add depth to the room. Just be sure to avoid placing the mirror directly across from a cluttered or messy area, as it will only emphasize the negative aspects of the space. Another way to make a small room look bigger through home staging in Edmonton is by strategically using lighting. Adding adequate lighting to a room can create a brighter and more inviting atmosphere, making the space feel larger. Using natural light from windows or adding more lighting fixtures can help to brighten the room and eliminate shadows that can make it feel cramped. Additionally, table and floor lamps can add warmth and create a cozy ambiance, making the room more spacious and inviting. By using lighting to enhance the room’s features, Edmonton home staging can create the illusion of more space and make the room appear larger.

Choose decor thoughtfully.

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Another effective technique for making a small room look bigger through home staging in Edmonton is to use the right accessories and decor. A few strategically placed accessories, such as mirrors, area rugs, and curtains, can help create a cohesive and polished look in the room. Choosing the right size and style of accessories can help create the illusion of more space. For example, using a large rug can make the floor space appear larger while using curtains that reach from ceiling to floor can make the room appear taller. Also, using decor in light or neutral colours can help make the room appear brighter and more open. By carefully selecting accessories and decor, Edmonton home staging can help to create a welcoming and spacious environment in a small space.

Maximize vertical space.

To make a small room appear larger, you want to maximize vertical space and draw a buyer’s eye upwards. By installing shelves or hanging artwork higher up on the walls, you maximize vertical space and draw the eye up. Hanging curtains high up on the walls, close to the ceiling, can make the room appear taller and more spacious. Choose lightweight fabrics in neutral colours to create a bright and airy feel. Floor-to-ceiling bookcases or shelving units provide plenty of storage and display space while creating the illusion of higher ceilings. Use them to showcase books, plants, or decorative items.

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