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How to Stage a Home With a Unique Layout

Staging a home with a unique layout requires creativity, flexibility, and attention to detail. By highlighting the property’s strengths and creating a welcoming atmosphere, potential buyers will be able to envision themselves living in the home, regardless of the way your home is designed. Keep in mind that when buyers walk into your home, they want to see how their family can live there, meaning that you should stage each room in such a way that gives buyers a clear idea of how a room can be used. If you’re wondering how to stage a home with an uncommon layout, we’ve got you covered!

Showcase versatility.

Some houses have rooms that are designed in such a way that they can serve two purposes. Multi-purpose rooms are a great way to maximize the functionality of your space, especially if you have limited square footage. If you have a spacious room that can be used as a cozy reading nook and a guest bedroom, stage it as such. On one side of the room, you can put a comfortable armchair in the corner that has a cushy blanket draped over it. Add a side table with a few books on top and a lamp with a white-toned bulb. On the other side of the room, add a sofa bed and a storage bench or ottoman that provides functional storage, while also serving as a guest bed. By staging the room in a way it can actually be used, you are giving buyers a clear idea of what they can do with the room when they move into your home.

Highlight the unique features.

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Every home has something special about it, and unique layouts are no exception. Highlight the architectural details that make the house stand out, such as a vaulted ceiling, exposed brick wall, or bay window. Don’t shy away from the distinctive features; instead, bring attention to them by thoughtfully staging a room. Let’s say your living room has an exposed brick wall, which adds a lot of character, but you’re not sure how to stage the space as the wall itself is such a statement. Try to imagine ways that you can complement the brick without taking away from it with too much furniture. For example, exposed brick walls work with a variety of design styles. Consider mixing modern and rustic elements into the room; a modern couch paired with a rustic-style rug can create an intriguing contrast. In the photo above you can see how we didn’t use a patterned pillow on the sofa, but we brought colour into the room with the couch and rug; neither takes away from the brick wall and still lets the brick be its own statement. Plants always look great against brick as well, so don’t be afraid to add some greenery!

Define the purpose of each room.

Prospective buyers may need help understanding how a space can be used if the home’s layout is unconventional. And to be honest, you might even be asking yourself how to stage a home that you know is unique and was designed just for you! To clear up this confusion for buyers, simply define the purpose of each room. For example, if an odd-shaped room is difficult to furnish, consider staging it as a home office. Bring in a desk and a chair to make it clear that this room is being used as an office. Add a rug for texture and a floor lamp for height. Add tasteful decor to the desk, such as a plant, a few books, and a pen. You’re avoiding any confusion about how a room can be used when you’ve set it up with a purpose. If you’re looking for affordable, last-minute decor additions, HomeSense is one of our favourite places to shop!

Fill empty spaces without overcrowding.

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While it’s important to define each space, it’s also essential not to overcrowd the room with too much furniture or decor, especially if you have a unique layout. Keep it simple by adding furniture that is only necessary for the purpose of the room. If you’re staging a primary bedroom that has ample space, you should stage it in a way that compliments the room without overcrowding it. A bed, nightstands and a portrait on the wall are a good place to start. Add a rug for texture and if you still feel that there is room to spare, consider adding two armchairs with a side table in between or even a couch that fills the space. Keeping the room simple is key while still ensuring that buyers see how the space can be used.

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