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How to Use Calgary Home Staging for an Open House

Before you have an open house, you want to stage your home properly. Calgary home staging aims to showcase your home’s best features and create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages buyers to imagine themselves living there. While home staging can seem overwhelming, there are many simple and effective ways to stage your home to make the process more manageable. Realty Unleashed offers free Calgary home staging because we know the value of a well-staged home and have repeatedly seen home staging work. If you want to stage a home for a Calgary open house and a quick sale, read on!

Make your home inviting.

Creating a comfortable, inviting ambiance for a Calgary open house in your home goes a long way! Incorporate soft textiles and comfortable seating throughout your home. In your living room, consider adding cozy throw blankets, decorative willows, and a clean rug to make the space feel warm and inviting. Adding greenery, potted plants, or fresh flowers can help bring life and colour into a room. When it comes to lighting, swap out yellow-toned bulbs with white-toned bulbs and open your curtains. By creating a cozy, comfortable and inviting home, you can help buyers feel more at home, making it easier for them to imagine living there; this helps create an emotional connection with your home, increasing the chances of a quick sale.

Depersonalize each room.

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Depersonalizing a home before an open house in Calgary is vital in creating a neutral and appealing space where buyers can imagine living with their families. Removing personal items like family photos, wedding invitations on your fridge, or unique artwork helps create a neutral canvas that allows potential buyers to focus on the home’s features rather than being distracted by personal belongings. You want buyers to walk into your home and have them be able to envision their life in your home right off the bat. Depersonalizing your home can make it more appealing to potential buyers and increase your chances of a quick and successful sale.

Highlight the best features of your home.

Focus on highlighting your home’s best features. Strategically place furniture and decor to showcase the home’s unique characteristics. For example, if you have a fireplace in your living room that you feel is an integral part of your home, move your furniture around to draw attention to the fireplace; make the fireplace the central piece. If your home has a beautiful river valley view, position your furniture to face the windows so buyers are forced to take in the gorgeous scenery. You always want to capitalize on your home’s best features, especially when inviting buyers to your Calgary open house.

Focus on a practical layout.

Potential buyers often look for functional homes; a well-designed layout can help showcase that. To create a useful and practical layout, consider removing any excess furniture or items that may make the space feel cluttered or cramped; this can help open the space and create a more spacious feel. Make sure each room has a clear purpose and is staged to highlight how the room can actually be used. For example, if you have a home office, ensure that the desk is clean and organized and that the room is staged to showcase its potential as a workspace. By focusing on creating a functional layout, you can help buyers see the full potential of your home, increasing the likelihood of receiving a good offer.

Realty Unleashed offers free Calgary home staging!


We often get asked, “What’s the catch?” when we tell our clients that we stage their homes for free, and the truth is that there is no catch. We know the value that Calgary home staging offers because we have seen it work time and time again. A well-staged home spends less time on the market and can sell for a higher price than expected. If you are looking for a Calgary REALTOR®, we would love to hear from you! Fill out the form below, and one of our team members will get back to you soon.

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