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Importance of Curb Appeal for Home Staging

Curb appeal proves to be one of the most crucial parts of the entire staging process. When a potential buyer drives up to your home, what they see outside will determine what they feel when they walk inside. Truthfully, the real first impression when it comes to in-person viewings is the outside of your home, so treating it as such is very important!

What exactly is curb appeal?

Good question – curb appeal is the overall attractiveness of the exterior of your home. Some things to consider when you’re looking at the curb appeal of your home, depending on the season:

  • How does my roof look? Are the shingles intact?
  • Does my lawn need to be mowed?
  • Do my walks need to be shovelled?
  • Are my light fixtures outdated?
  • Should I re-paint my front door?
  • Are there overgrown plants or shrubs that take away from the attractiveness of my home?

These are the kinds of questions you’ll want to ask yourself before you list your property!

Understanding the importance of curb appeal.

Clearing the snow

We have written many articles on the value of home staging. And in each of those articles, we include curb appeal as part of the process. Home staging is the answer if you want to maximize your return when you sell your home. Realty Unleashed has a specially-trained Curb Appeal Crew for our clients’ homes year-round. Our team handles your lawn care, snow shovelling, eco-station & donation centre runs, window cleaning, house cleaning, and more. We have staff just for this role because we take curb appeal and home staging seriously. 

The numbers.

The NAR reported that only 4% of buyers said staging did not affect their viewing experience. 47% of real estate professionals noted the positive impact of home staging on their client’s buying process. The same survey also found that home staging could sell your home 6-10% faster. If you’re looking for a quick and equitable sale (who isn’t?!), home staging and curb appeal should be on the top of your priority list; your house is sure to stand out among the market’s other listings.

The first few minutes.

When prospective buyers walk into a property, they typically know if they like it or not within the first 5 minutes. Curb appeal matters here, meaning that the outside state is a good indicator of the inside. Buyers will occasionally drive by a property prior to an in-person viewing. They can predict what the interior will look like by quickly seeing the home’s exterior. The truth is that most people don’t upkeep their lawns 24/7; we all know this. But when your home is listed, and you’re anticipating viewings, keep up with lawn maintenance. The same goes for inside your home. Make that initial walk-in moment for buyers an experience they won’t forget. Your property should be clean, tidy, and welcoming. If you’re looking for home staging, we have some good news: we do it for you!

Realty Unleashed is here to help you!

Realtors discussing

As we mentioned earlier, Realty Unleashed has a fully-equipped Curb Appeal Team who are ready to help with both the interior and exterior of your home. Does your lawn need mowing or do your walks need shovelling? No problem. Our listing services are available because we value making the selling process as smooth as possible for our clients. If you are thinking about listing your property, please feel free to reach out to us! We’re here to help, always.

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