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Losing Home: How Realty Unleashed Can Help You Through it.

A few months ago, I had the unique opportunity to interview candidates for two positions at Realty Unleashed. During this process, I asked them about their perceptions of what it must be like to be a REALTOR®. It was interesting to hear that most people figured a real estate professional’s job is to buy homes. Many of the candidates remarked how exciting it would be to help clients make such a significant decision.

And that’s true. Helping someone find a home truly is a gift. It is exciting and quite a privilege to be part of such a memorable, personal joy in someone’s life. Real estate agents in Calgary are also in a tremendous position of trust. We must advocate for our clients to ensure they have all the cards to choose from. Above all, a Calgary REALTOR® must ensure that their clients benefit from their professional expertise. This is fundamental to our role and not something we take lightly. 

The emotions of selling

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While Realty Unleashed does work with homebuyers, most of the time we are working with people who are selling homes. We’ve found that selling doesn’t spark the same kind of thrill as it does for home buyers. Selling your home is an emotional journey. It doesn’t matter if someone is selling for a happy or sad reason – it still holds intrinsic emotions. This journey is one that we understand deeply through our own lived experiences and also by being alongside our clients.

Frankly, people sell homes for many reasons. As we mentioned, even the happiest reasons are often tinged with melancholy. Our clients welcome us into their homes and it’s our job to help them sell. Many homeowners have called on us during difficult seasons in life. The transition’s chaos left them heartily dependent on and in need of a real estate pro in Edmonton and Calgary. We’ve navigated the delicate balance of helping mothers and fathers who have recently separated, letting go of their matrimonial home. Our team has compassionately listened to and supported young widows’ transition to their next chapter. We have swooped in to clean up the messes of unruly tenants for discouraged investors. We’ve helped sons and daughters sell their parents’ homes. We have come alongside downsizers who are saying goodbye to the house where they raised their children. All of these experiences are unique for each client; it is important for us to be sympathetic no matter the case.

We’re here to help

Speaking to a client

Houses are homes sold by people who have immediate needs, emotional concerns and require a lot of help. Of course, we can’t alleviate the pain of life. But, we have found that the sincere support we offer homebuyers has impacted their lives in meaningful ways. We have met a lot of clients over the last few years who come from all walks of life. The unique backgrounds of all of each client have taught us many lessons. Most importantly, we have learned that no one experience is the same for anyone. This is why we believe in meeting people where they’re at.

Our acts of service help share the burden of moving on to the next stage in life. Indeed, our initial cleaning and move-out clean hits a lot of checkboxes for our clients. We never expected something to be so valued as our free eco station and donation runs. Particularly for clients with many treasured belongings. Items that they can’t take with them and would prefer to see rehomed. Additionally, many home sellers who have a vacant listing love the offer to stage their homes for free.

We are profoundly grateful to serve the Calgary real estate community. Helping each person transition from their past to the future is nothing we take lightly.

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