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The Process of Selling a Home in Edmonton

The process of selling a home in Edmonton contains many moving parts, and if you’ve never done it before, it can be overwhelming. Working with a real estate agent who you trust and feel confident in is paramount and rest assured, will make the entire home selling process much smoother for you. There are a number of things that must happen when you sell your home, which we are outlining in this article for you!

Choose the right REALTOR®.

A good Edmonton real estate agent will provide valuable guidance on pricing, marketing, and negotiating the sale of your home. When it comes to selling a home in Edmonton, you want to choose an agent with experience in your local market and a track record of successful sales. You may want to interview a few different REALTORS® before selecting the right one. Choosing a real estate agent you feel comfortable with and trust is essential, as you will work closely with them throughout your listing period. Your real estate agent will help you navigate the selling process smoothly to achieve the best possible outcome for the sale of your home.

Determine your list price.

Selling a home in Edmonton

Pricing your home correctly is paramount when selling a home in Edmonton. Your Edmonton real estate agent will do a comparative market analysis by finding recent listings and sales of comparable homes in your area; this helps determine a fair and reasonable list price. Factors such as your home’s size, condition, and location will all play a part in conducting a recommended list price. As we always tell our clients, the market will ultimately determine the value of your home, but setting the right price will attract buyers and showings, eventually leading to a successful and hopefully quick sale.

Prepare your home for sale.

For your home to make a great first impression on buyers, you need to make sure it stands out from other properties on the market. Start by decluttering and deep cleaning your home, removing excess items and ensuring things are organized and tidy. If your home is vacant for the listing period, you should be staging it. We have a whole section of our website dedicated to our free home staging services here, where you can learn more about why it is so important to stage your home for a successful sale! You want buyers to walk into your home and envision themselves and their families living there, so your goal is to create a clean, bright, and inviting space, allowing buyers to see your home’s full potential.

List and show your home.

Selling a Home

Your Edmonton real estate agent will create a listing for your home that includes everything relevant and important, including its professional listing photos, a detailed description of your home, and anything else that matters to buyers. Your listing will be posted on the Multiple Listing Services (MLS), a database of properties for sale accessible to REALTORS® across Canada. An excellent online listing will showcase your home’s best features and highlight its unique selling points. Your agent will work with you to create a captivating listing that makes your home stand out amongst all the other properties on the market, enticing buyers for in-person showings.

Accept, decline and negotiate offers.

Negotiating offers is a necessary step in selling a home in Edmonton. Your REALTOR® will help you assess any offers and negotiate with potential buyers on your behalf. They will consider things like the buyer’s financing, the proposed closing date, and any contingencies or conditions attached to the offer. In the case of multiple offers, your REALTOR® will help you evaluate each offer, choosing whichever is the most likely to result in a successful sale. They will also guide you through any counteroffers or renegotiations that may arise. The goal is to reach the best possible outcome for you while also ensuring that the buyer is satisfied with the terms of the sale. Your Edmonton real estate agent will use their experience and negotiation skills to help guide you in this process and achieve a successful sale.

Close the sale.

Congrats! You’ve reached the part of the process where you get to close the sale. Once an offer is accepted and all conditions have been met, the deal can close when ownership of the property is transferred from the seller to the buyer. The seller’s REALTOR® will work with the buyer’s REALTOR®, lender, and lawyer to ensure all necessary documents are signed and all funds are appropriately transferred. Once the paperwork is in order, the sale can be finalized, and the keys can be handed over to the new owner. It’s important to work closely with your Edmonton real estate agent throughout this process to ensure that everything goes smoothly and there are no unanswered questions. With the proper support and guidance, closing the sale can be quick and easy.

Working with Realty Unleashed when selling a home in Edmonton.

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Realty Unleashed is primarily a listing brokerage. While we do work with buyers, our services were initially designed for sellers. We offer free Edmonton home staging, free listing and move-out cleans, lawn care, curb appeal, and much more – you can read all about our services here! If you’re looking for an Edmonton REALTOR®, you can reach out to us below, and someone from our team will get back to you soon.

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