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The Surprising Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent in Edmonton

While some people opt for a private sale to save on commission, we can assure you that working with a REALTOR® will provide you with the largest market of buyers looking for their next home. Regardless of what your house sells for, we understand paying commission to your real estate agent can feel costly. The truth, however, is that selling your home privately can actually be even more expensive. The reason is that there is a cost in not marketing your property to the largest pool of buyers on, and that means that you will not end up seeing the highest offer should you opt to sell privately. You will reap many benefits when hiring an real estate agent in Edmonton; let’s look at some of the best advantages!

The best of both worlds.

Alberta’s real estate market is hot, and prices are rising. From time to time, we have seen people sell privately to save on commission and have it work out in their favour. It is an exception to the rule. This route tends to work best in a balanced market where housing prices are stable and predictable over a while. Realty Unleashed allows you to have your cake and eat it, too; you can cancel your listing anytime (before accepting an offer to purchase) while marketing your property to the largest pool of buyers. We often work with sellers to test the market, and if a private buyer option is a best-case scenario, we are happy to accommodate what’s best for our clients.

Your REALTOR® knows the market well.

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There have been times when selling privately has worked out better, for sure. With that said, our clients have still involved us in the process at a reduced commission rate because real estate transactions require knowledge of contracts, RPR, etc. However, most of our sellers have done better with our free cleaning, free staging, and marketing, even when a private option has been available. You can learn more about our team here.

You will get more traction and more offers. is the champion of real estate search in Canada. Regardless of the goods or assets you are selling, accessing the largest open market often provides more significant returns. It is difficult to get the highest value for your home without tapping into the giant available pool of buyers. For example, you may sell your house privately and save the REALTOR® commission, but the commission savings will not guarantee that you pocketed the most out of the sale of your home. What if multiple buyers wanted to purchase your property, and you never knew about it, or they never knew about it? This could earn you significantly more than you might have saved in commission by selling privately. 

A Realty Unleashed anecdote.

We had a client who received a private offer from their neighbour before listing with us, a common enough event. Our client would have been OK to accept, and we were happy to help her sell privately without strings attached. However, our client chose to sample the market with us first, and during the first weekend, an offer came in for more money even after the REALTOR® commission. Our client paid full commission and still made $10,000 more than she would have should she have sold privately. On top of that, she got her house cleaned and cared for by Realty Unleashed until the buyer took possession, entirely for free. Because she had moved out of the province, our services were incredibly helpful. Our client ended up making more money on her sale with fewer worries.

How we can help you.

Best REALTOR® in Calgary

Realty Unleashed is primarily a listing brokerage. While we indeed work with buyers, our services are best for sellers! Realty Unleashed offers free home staging, free listing and move-out clean, yard maintenance, and much more; (you can read all about our services here). If you are looking for an Edmonton real estate agent or a Calgary real estate agent, you can contact us anytime, and we would love to help you. Our team of real estate agents in Edmonton and our specialized curb appeal team are prepared to help you!

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