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Winter Wonderland: The Top 5 Ways to Stage Your Home For Sale This Season

The winter can make your house look gloomy, especially here in Edmonton. When trying to sell, you want to ensure that your home looks its very best, and the reality is that homes typically look their best in the summer. So if you’re looking to sell during the winter months, we want to give you some great tips and tricks to help your home put its best foot forward. The goal is to provide potential buyers with an experience they won’t forget as they walk up, into, and tour around your home. Here are 5 ways to stage your Edmonton home for sale in the winter.

Prioritize curb appeal.

Home staging in Edmonton also means maintaining your curb appeal! While it might be more painless to tend to your home in the spring and summer, it’s just as important to focus on it during the winter. If it’s recently snowed, make sure you shovel and salt (if necessary) your walks and driveway; buyers will be pleased to see a well-maintained home right from the get-go! Since your home can be at a disadvantage in the winter in terms of how dreary it can look, use the winter season to spruce up your front porch. Add a green wreath to your door and a fun, winter-themed doormat. Capitalize on the holiday season where you can! With that said, remember to check off the less fun things, like cleaning your gutters, touching up nicks on your door, and checking on your roof.

Take advantage of the cozy season.

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Winter is arguably the coziest season of them all. When we think of the cold, we think of getting under a throw blanket on our couch with a cup of hot chocolate, putting on our favourite comfort movie and staying warm inside – capitalize on these warm, fuzzy feelings! Put some cozy throw blankets and pillows on your couch, place a tea kettle on your stove, frame a wintery photo, and maybe even lay some holiday-themed cookbooks on the counter. It might be cold outside, but if you give buyers a warm experience inside your home, both figuratively and literally, they won’t forget it.

Get organizing.

We all have that one area of our house that is over-piled with winter jackets, scarves, etc. Especially if you have kids, winter boots and snow gear tend to overrun the front door. Buyers don’t want or need to see sopping wet boots, 15 jackets and a dirty doormat. Remember, you must get minimal when you’re staging your home for sale. It can be challenging to do so when you are living in your home while it’s listed, so try your best to streamline all your winter gear into one closet or area of the house. Put it away when buyers come in and out for viewings, and definitely put away clutter for listing photos. Potential home buyers appreciate coming into a clutter-free home for many reasons. Still, perhaps the most important reason is that a clutter-free home makes it easier for buyers to envision themselves living there; the house can speak for itself.

Add texture + colour.

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Winter creates a bleak and dreary atmosphere, so it’s important to counter it by adding warmth to your home. Rugs are a great way to add texture, and as you can see in the photo above when we added the rug to the room, it immediately brought in the dimension and texture we were looking for. If you want to bring in colour, consider pillow covers, throw blankets, or hanging a photo on a big, empty wall. By adding colour, you are creating a warm and attractive environment for potential buyers. A welcoming, warm, and cozy atmosphere can be achieved through simple things like adding pops of colour and a bit of texture.

All is bright.

Because there is not a lot of daylight during the winter, you must do what you can to illuminate your home. Open your curtains, pull back your blinds, and turn on your lights. Swapping dark curtains with lighter-shade ones is also good practice for home staging in Edmonton. Don’t underestimate the power of a good lightbulb! Veer away from yellow-toned bulbs and instead opt to use white-toned bulbs. Do you have a fireplace? Light it up for photos! Good lighting will not only make your listing photos look better aesthetically but also will give off that inviting vibe we are hoping for!

Realty Unleashed stages for free!

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Realty Unleashed offers free home staging in Edmonton. We also offer free listing cleans, free yard maintenance, free eco-station and donation centre runs, and much more. We also have seen the proof that staging your home before you list is the key to selling fast and for more money. If you are considering listing your Edmonton home and are in the market for a REALTOR®, you can fill out the form below! Our team would love to help you sell your home this winter, and while you’re here, follow us on Instagram!

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