Our Team​


Jen Armstrong (she/her) founded and co-owns Realty Unleashed with her business partner Chris Squires (he/him). Jen is currently an Associate Broker and REALTOR® at Realty Unleashed. She likes new things, lunch, and new places to each lunch at. She has a genuine passion for seeing stories in problems and humanity in solutions. She is a strong writer, holds a BA from the University of Alberta, and speaks conversational Spanish.

Our top dog, Chris Squires (he/him) founded and co-owns Realty Unleashed with his business partner Jen Armstrong (she/her). Chris is the current Broker, REALTOR® and has always had a gusto for real estate. He has a real passion for owning, buying, selling, renovating, renting and talking about real estate. His innovative approach to customer service continues to set a new bar for the real estate industry. He is both a REALTOR® and Broker and holds an MBA from the University of Alberta.

Chris Squires

Eve Dejeet (she/her) is our REALTOR® in Calgary. She is infectiously cheerful, makes her own laundry detergent and takes care of everyone around her. She is organized, detailed and is the glue that holds the team together.


Andrew McNicoll (he/him) is our REALTOR® and Videographer. He is curious, inventive, and loves being pushed out of his comfort zone. When he isn’t stealthily capturing us in our natural habitat or scoping out new Edmonton neighbourhoods, he is making music with his alt band. He plays guitar, piano, and is known to bang some mean claves.

Hendrik Verveer

Hendrik Verveer (he/him) is, hands down, our tallest REALTOR®. Having earned a degree in Landscape Technology, it’s safe to say that Hendrik has an eye for the great outdoors. One of his favourite parts of real estate is walking into homes and seeing the potential they offer. He’s also a sucker for a good renovation. During his off-time, you may spot him cycling, running, or doing just about anything outdoors! Meeting new people is a joy for Hendrik, making him a great addition to our team.

Penny Squires (she/her) is one of our REALTORS® here at Realty Unleashed. While most of us drink coffee, Penny fancies herself a hot chocolate. She’s also a mom to 4 boys and 4 cats, and yes, she loves dogs! Penny’s empathy + intelligence quickly became evident upon joining our team, and her bright personality is a joy to have in the office. Although she has a degree in Criminology from the University of Alberta, Penny’s journey into real estate was inspired by her brother and our CEO, Chris Squires!

Sybil Penney

Sybil Penney (she/her) is our Curb Appeal Specialist. She’s sentimental, loves her grandkids, and is Chris’ mom. She loves Chris so much she came out of retirement to help him. She is a fastidious cleaner, a miracle worker with stuck on grease and always goes over and beyond what anyone can ask or imagine. Oh and she loves Pierre.

Nancy Aas (she/her) is one of our Curb Appeal Specialists. She is sweet, tough, and the poster child of dependability. She says yes first and asks questions later. She spends her free time soaking up podcasts and volunteering with at-risk youth because she likes to bet on the underdog.

Ashley Lipkewicz (she/her) is one of our Curb Appeal Specialists. She is incredibly capable, plays a mean midfield, and is a wizard at backing up a cube van. On a typical day you’ll find Ashley tackling an overgrown yard, making hardwood floors sparkle, and taking Pierre for a walk!

Jonny Wigmore (he/him) is our REALTOR® here at Realty Unleashed as well as one of our Curb Appeal Specialists! Originally from Vancouver Island, Jonny moved to Edmonton with his wife, Sydney, and has been working at Realty Unleashed ever since. When Jonny isn’t playing with his adorable golden retriever, Duke, you might find him fly fishing or watching Sunday morning football. Jonny’s love for Tom Brady is right on par with his love for the team atmosphere here at Realty Unleashed.


Natalie Shaw (she/her) is our Content Writer + Creator. She has vision, style, and isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. When she isn’t writing up a storm, she is hanging out with her canine companion, Bodhi, spending time with friends, or crafting beautiful jewelry pieces. She is also a proud graduate from MacEwan University and holds a BA in English.

Pierre is our marketing guru. When he’s not snoozing in a nest of fluffy blankets, he’s charming the pants off everyone he meets. He likes treats, loves attention, and is no slouch with the big dogs at the off-leash park.

Pierre transparent

Marcel is Pierre’s understudy. He is small but doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. He’s a big time snuggler and is not limited by the personal boundaries of others. On hot days you’ll find him tummy-down on a cold floor, and on cold ones he’s under the table keeping your feet warm.