Your fee.


We believe in being absolutely transparent, especially about our fees. So we post them right on our website for all to see.

Selling your home

We have no upfront or unexpected fees. Our fee is only collected when the sale of your property is complete. We never require you to pay us in the event of a non-sale, or if you decide to cancel, no matter how much work we’ve done

All our services are included in our brokerage fee of 7% of the first $100,000 and 3% of the remaining balance of the sale price. Half of this fee is offered to the brokerage of the licensed Real Estate Agent Edmonton representing the buyer.

If we facilitate the transaction, which means we help on both sides of the transaction, our brokerage fee is 5% on the first $100,000 and 2% on the remaining balance of the sale price.

Buying a home

We do not charge a fee when we represent buyers. When Realty Unleashed acts on your behalf, we are offered a fee from the listing brokerage. We happily represent you in any property you wish to purchase, regardless of the commission offered.

When commissions are paid

Commissions are paid at the time of possession or closing, not at the time of sale. The fee will be collected by the lawyer representing the seller from the sale proceeds and sent to the listing brokerage to be paid out. 

Our fee is only collected with a successful sale. We never charge a fee for ending your listing prior to sale. In the event that a property sells, but does not close, we never ask a seller to pay us part of the forfeited deposit.

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