Getting your home looking its best to sell is a lot of work, but we know it’s worth it. That’s why our Curb Appeal Crew is ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. You have a full team behind you that can make things happen faster, respond quicker, and serve you better every day. We provide free home staging in Edmonton and Calgary, free yard care, free interior and exterior cleaning, and more!

All of our services are included in our fee and you owe us nothing if you change your mind about selling and decide to cancel.



We’ve got you covered no matter what season it is. Our team is ready to wash your interior windows, making sure that they are sparkling clean. We’ve got your initial listing and move-out clean in hand! If you’ve got any belongings you’re ready to part with, we will load them into one of our trusty Curb Appeal Crew vehicles and make a donation center or eco-station run. But we saved the best for last! Your staging consult is included in your service! We will have our team stage your home with what you’ve already got and make sure it’s photo-ready.


Spring thru Fall time.

If you’re getting ready to list your home in the warmer months, we will make sure to take care of yard clean up, your exterior windows will be washed & our Curb Appeal Crew will pop by for regular lawn trimming! Having a nicely maintained lawn does a great job of keeping first impressions positive, and we are happy to take that stress off your hands. Depending on the lawn and part of the season, we will mow every week or every two weeks. But if you are a lawn care enthusiast and want to keep that “in-house,” we promise we won’t take that away from you.


Nobody’s home time.

Should your home be vacant and/or empty, and you cannot be around for the listing period, we will make sure to regularly check in on your property, and we’ll also take care of staging your home with our furniture! Having an otherwise empty house, staged in photos and in real life, goes a long way to creating great impressions for potential buyers. We also appreciate how you may be tempted to stage your home but may be wary of the costs of doing so. So that’s why we just throw it in for free.



If you’re preparing to list your home in the winter months, you can count on us to shovel your sidewalks and driveway regularly, clear your deck and apply snow melt for free! There is nothing worse than being at work and worrying about rushing home to clear your driveway for a showing appointment. Realty Unleashed shows up in the cold winter months too!