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Tips for Interviewing and Finding the Right Edmonton REALTOR®

Finding an Edmonton REALTOR® you trust and who you feel comfortable with is paramount to a successful transaction. There is an interview process that you should go through to establish that you’ve found the right one for you. It’s always good practice to interview several real estate professionals before deciding, as everyone will bring different things to the table. Your needs are important; you should ensure your agent can meet your needs. Here are a few tips we have put together to help you find the best agent for you and your family in your interviewing process.

Are you a selling or buying agent?

While most real estate professionals can help you on either side, you may want to consider working with someone who specializes in your needs. For example, Realty Unleashed is primarily a listing brokerage. We have designated agents who help our buyers, but our services are most attractive to people who are listing and selling their homes. Because we offer free home staging and cleaning services, we tend to work with sellers a lot. You want to make sure that the real estate professional you’re working with is familiar with your needs.

Which neighbourhoods do you work in?

Although most real estate agents know the overall market, working with someone fluent in the neighbourhood you plan to buy or sell in is always best. Many REALTORS® have communities they are most active in; for example, we sell many homes in Westmount. Our office is in Westmount, and our staff live in Westmount, so we are very familiar with the market here. You want to work with someone acquainted with the neighbourhood so that they can give you the best advice and insight in the future. Your Edmonton REALTOR® should understand the community market stats and the neighbourhood in which you buy or sell.

What commission will I pay, and what does it include?

Realty Unleashed

Every real estate brokerage can choose its commission rate. While most of these rates are typically very similar, some differences exist. At Realty Unleashed, our services are included in our brokerage fee of 7% on the first $100,000 and 3% on the remaining balance of the sale price. Half of this fee is offered to the brokerage facilitating on the buyer’s side. If you are buying a home, you don’t pay any commission to your Edmonton REALTOR®, as they are paid by the seller’s representative. Each client’s needs differ based on whether they are selling or buying. Check with the REALTORS® you’re interviewing about what services they include in their commission fee; it’s up to you to choose if these services are worth their commission cheque.

Are there any hidden fees or cancellation fees that I should know about?

Your Edmonton REALTOR® should be transparent with you about all their fees! It’s always okay to ask about hidden fees or cancellation fees ahead of time so that you aren’t hit with the news you owe money for something you weren’t expecting. Before signing with any real estate professional, you should ask them to review your contract. You must have a good understanding of your contract and its components. For many clients, it’s a deterrence if they have to pay their real estate professional a fee even if their home doesn’t sell; you will want to confirm whether or not they have a cancellation fee.

Working with Realty Unleashed

Edmonton REALTOR®

Realty Unleashed is an independent real estate brokerage in Edmonton and Calgary. We serve buyers and sellers, and we believe in giving our clients the best service possible. When you list your home with us, we provide free home staging, free lawn mowing or shovelling (depending on the season), free listing + move-out clean, free eco-station and donation runs, and more. If you’re looking to buy a home, we would love to help you find your dream place to call home. You can fill out the form below, and someone from our team will get back to you very soon!

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