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Why Curb Appeal is an Important Aspect of Calgary Home Staging

Curb appeal is a crucial aspect of Calgary home staging as it sets the first impression for potential buyers or visitors. It refers to the attractiveness of a property from the street or curb. When selling a home, the initial impression a property makes can significantly influence a buyer’s perception and interest in the house. Curb appeal is about creating an inviting and aesthetically pleasing exterior that entices people to see more of what the home offers.

The outside of your home is an indicator of the inside.

Landscaping is a critical component of curb appeal and home staging, acting as the welcoming introduction to the property. A well-groomed lawn, neatly trimmed bushes, and thoughtfully placed, colourful plants significantly enhance the home’s overall visual appeal. Strategic landscaping adds an aesthetic charm and creates care and maintenance that can appeal to potential buyers. It’s about creating a harmonious balance between greenery and hardscaping, ensuring that the landscape complements the house’s architectural features. Adding seasonal flowers or plants for colour never hurts, either! The goal is to make the exterior feel as well-cared-for and inviting as the interior, enticing buyers to step inside and explore.

Maintenance shows your home is well-kept.

well kept home

Maintaining the external elements of a house is pivotal in establishing a strong curb appeal, integral to the Calgary home staging process. The exterior of a property serves as its face, and ensuring it is well-maintained speaks volumes about the overall care and condition of the home; this involves keeping the siding or facade clean and in good repair, perhaps with a fresh coat of paint, cleaning your windows, or wiping down your front door and polishing the hardware. Giving your attention to external maintenance makes your home look fantastic from the curb, suggesting a potentially low-maintenance home, which can be compelling for buyers as they approach your house.

You can stage the outside of your home, too.

Calgary home staging incorporates the use of outdoor elements as well. Simple touches like potted plants near your front door and a clean, welcoming doormat can go a long way. These things create an inviting and charming entryway, also helping buyers envision the potential for the outdoor space. If you have the room, consider putting a bistro set outside your front door with a beautiful potted plant – the plant can be artificial! Make sure your porch light is nice and bright, and ensure the house number is visible from the street. Well-chosen and thoughtfully arranged decor can set the tone for the property, offering a glimpse into the lifestyle the house can provide.

Realty Unleashed offers free Calgary home staging!

Calgary home staging

Curb appeal is one of the things we see forgotten the most when it comes to people selling their homes. It’s important to remember that the outside of your home is going to be an indicator to buyers of what they can expect on the inside. Not only is the outside of your home one of the first things people see on REALTOR.ca, but when potential buyers drive up to your home, what they see outside will shape their viewing experience. The real first impression when it comes to showings is the outside of your home, so maintaining your curb appeal is necessary and should not be overlooked. If you are looking for a REALTOR® that offers free Calgary home staging, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out the form below, and someone from our team will contact you soon!

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