An Open Letter of Gratitude


It is hard to believe that Realty Unleashed is approaching its first year anniversary. I have been spending time looking back on all my notes from my MBA classes where I first developed the idea of Realty Unleashed. I drew the initial logo in one of my MBA accounting classes. School has always had a way of making me daydream. The finalized Realty Unleashed logo and design featured a Golden Labrador. This all changed when my daughter found our full of life French Bulldog, Pierre. It was a costly pivot, but worth it!

Becoming an entrepreneur has been far more vulnerable than I imagined. You share a part of yourself with the entire world to see; your dreams, ideas, and passion for how you think your startup can benefit and add value to others. The scary thing is you never know for sure until you try. The adventure has revitalized my passion for work and has instilled in me an urgency to learn, grow and survive.  

This year has been a success in so many ways and it couldn’t have been possible without many people:

My brilliant wife and loving daughters who said YES and have supported me becoming an entrepreneur. This is no small task.

All my friends who have endured the many hours of listening to me and who have inspired me with their own stories. You know who you are!

My staff, Jen Armstrong and Nathan Rayner. Jen’s energy and truth always keeps me grounded. Nathan’s kindness always has a way of balancing me out. Your commitment and partnership gives me the courage to dream even bigger.

My mother for showing me the importance of living a life of service. I am indebted to my father for passing down the entrepreneurial itch. I am thankful to my sister who has never stopped believing in her little brother. To my in-laws, you have treated me like a son.

Finally, all of our clients who have chosen to partner with Realty Unleashed to sell and/or buy their homes. It has been a privilege, and we have learned so much working with all of you. We are grateful to everyone for the many referrals this year. Thank you for your past, present, and future support of Realty Unleashed.


Chris Squires, MBA
Founder | Broker
Realty Unleashed Inc.