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Are You On a Budget? Apartments for Sale in Edmonton Might Be the Right Choice!

There are plenty of different styles of apartments in Edmonton, and an abundance of varying price points, too! One of the many great things about living in an apartment or condo is that they tend to require a little less overall maintenance and upkeep. If you’re looking for a home and have a budget in mind, apartments can be a great place to begin your search; we have outlined some other great perks of living in a condo building below!

Enjoy the amenities

One of the most popular aspects of living in an apartment building is the amenities that come along with it. It is a serious perk to go down the elevator in the cold winter months and get in your car that is safely parked in an underground garage! You can also find buildings with indoor pools, hot tubs, fitness centers, saunas, games areas, activity/social rooms, rooftop patios, and more. For example, one popular apartment complex in Edmonton offers its residents a beautiful indoor Fitness and Aquatic Centre and a spacious social area with plenty of tables, a few pool tables, and even a piano. Most of us don’t get these luxuries when we live in a single-family home, but with apartment buildings, you are more likely to find at least one thing on that list, depending on your budget. 

Maintenance is easier

Apartments for Sale in Edmonton

Generally speaking, living in an apartment requires less indoor and outdoor maintenance, which gives you more time to enjoy the comfort of your home. Seasonal lawn and yard upkeep doesn’t have to stress you out because you don’t need to worry about it! Your condo board will generally have contractors who come and take care of clearing the snow, taking care of the grass, cleaning gutters, etc. Of course, when you own a unit in a building, you will pay to contribute to the maintenance of the building, but nowhere near what you would pay if you lived in a single-family home, for example. Maintenance costs can get excessive when living in a house while living in an apartment building cuts those maintenance costs down significantly. Upkeep of the building, gardens and amenities is typically covered and taken care of by a maintenance company that your board hires. That means you have way more time to enjoy your daily life without coming home and, depending on the season, weed the garden or shovel your walks.

Less is more

By design, a smaller space calls for a more minimalist approach. Apartment living means less “stuff,” meaning that there is literally more room to be intentional! One of the reasons why people love to live in a condo is because there is less of everything: less cleaning, less clutter, less maintenance, less financial costs, and the list goes on. Because apartments tend to have less square footage than a house, rooms are set up deliberately and with purpose, making the experience of living there truly more enjoyable and peaceful.

Safety and Security

Another reason why apartments are so popular is that they offer built-in safety features. Generally, apartments require a key code entry system and/or an intercom in order to enter the building. Tenants usually receive some intercom call when someone is trying to get into their suite, which allows them to accept or decline when that person is at the front door of the building. Not only this, but with so many residents around, there are many more eyes to notice if anything suspicious is happening around the building

The options are endless

Apartment living room

Like any residence, you can find condo & apartment listings in all sorts of price ranges. Generally speaking, apartments come with bylaws and rules, things like whether pets are allowed, balcony restrictions, quiet hours, etc. It’s essential to consider these things when you start your search. Have your budget in mind, know the building regulations (no pets, non-smoking, one parking stall, etc.), and utilize the filter option! With such a wide selection of buildings, we’re sure you will find something best suits your needs.

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