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FAQs for First-Time Home Sellers in Edmonton

Selling your home in Edmonton has many moving parts; if you’ve never done it before, it can be overwhelming. Working with an Edmonton REALTOR® who you trust is vital and will make the entire home-selling process much smoother, taking the weight off your shoulders. We have compiled the answers to a few of our most asked questions from our first-time home seller clients!

What is the first step in selling my home?

The first step in selling your home in Edmonton is evaluating your property based on condition and value. Sometimes, sellers will get a professional appraiser to provide them with a comprehensive report, and other times, buyers opt for their Edmonton REALTOR® to do a walk-through and a market analysis that uses things like local comparables to determine the list price. Agents assess your property and provide valuable insights into the local market trends, helping you set the right price to attract a buyer. Your real estate agent will also advise you on repairs or improvements that can be made to enhance your property’s appeal or value, a critical step that creates the foundation for a successful sale, ensuring you start the process on the right foot.

Do I need to hire an Edmonton REALTOR® to sell my home?

Edmonton REALTOR®

REALTORS® are intimately familiar with the Edmonton real estate market, which is paramount for accurately pricing your property to attract potential buyers. They have access to a broad network of possible buyers and other real estate agents, which can significantly expedite the selling process. The support that your REALTOR® offers you helps avoid any legal mishaps or pitfalls, making the sale of your home go smoothly while taking the weight off of your shoulders. Although there are costs associated with hiring an Edmonton REALTOR®, their negotiation skills, market knowledge, and their ability to save you time and money will surely make hiring an Edmonton real estate agent a worthwhile investment.

How do I determine the right listing price?

Relying on the expertise and experience of your real estate agent is important when it comes to listing price. Your Edmonton REALTOR® will conduct a thorough market analysis, which evaluates recent sales of similar properties in your neighbourhood, considering your home’s unique features and assessing current market trends. It’s important to find a balance between setting a price that attracts buyers and maximizing your return on investment. Overpricing your property can be detrimental to your listing and dissuade buyers from even viewing your house. Your REALTOR® will recommend a price based on their findings. List price is a detailed and thorough process that is key to a successful home sale.

How can I prepare my home for showings?

free home staging in Edmonton

Getting your home ready for showings is very important because it’s the first time buyers see it in real life! Online photos are great and portray your home well, but nothing is better than the real thing. A clean, well-staged home leaves the best impression on potential buyers. Get rid of any clutter and remove any excess furniture or decor that creates a distraction for buyers. Depersonalize your home by removing family photos or wedding invitations from the fridge; you want your home to be a clean slate so buyers can envision their families living there! Ask your Edmonton REALTOR® what services they offer as part of their fee; for example, we offer free home staging, listing and move-out cleans, curb appeal, junk removal and much more. These services prepare your house for showings so that your home immediately puts its best foot forward!

What does the closing process look like?

The closing process is the final step in the sale of your home. It involves the legal and financial aspects of the transaction. During this time, all the necessary documentation, including things like the title transfer, is completed to officially transfer ownership of the property from you to your buyer. Your Edmonton REALTOR® and your real estate lawyer will guide you through this complex process, ensuring all requirements are met, and all parties fulfill their obligations. This is also the stage where the funds are exchanged, and any outstanding fees and expenses like real estate commissions and legal fees are paid and settled. The specific details of the closing process vary with every transaction, so it’s important to work closely with your agent to ensure a smooth, successful close!

Working with Realty Unleashed

Realty Unleashed team

Realty Unleashed is primarily a listing brokerage. While we do work with buyers, our services were initially designed for sellers. We offer free Edmonton home staging, free listing and move-out cleans, lawn care, curb appeal, and much more – you can read all about our services here! If you’re ready to begin the process of selling your home in Edmonton and are in need of an Edmonton REALTOR®, you can reach out to us below, and someone from our team will get back to you soon.

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