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Is Edmonton Home Staging Worth it? Yes, Here’s Why!

Home staging has changed the real estate world, and for a good reason: staging helps a home sell faster and for more. Many people are put-off by home staging fees; the good news is that Realty Unleashed offers free home staging in Edmonton. We deliver this service because we have seen the many ways in which home staging is valuable. The National Association of REALTORS® found that home staging can sell a home 6-10% faster, and most sellers are looking for a quick and equitable sale. Data collected in 2020 from the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) noted that 85% of staged homes received offers between 5-23% over the list price. The same data revealed that 75% of sellers saw a return between 5 and 15%. Let’s get into a few more reasons why home staging is worth it!

Staging helps your house conquer the online market.

The first place buyers look for a future home is, which means the photos of your home have significant value. Staging your home before you list it will ensure it looks the best, ultimately bringing in more in-person viewings! The goal for professional home stagers is to give each room a purpose so buyers can see how every room can be used. Your home will stand out among the rest if it is staged before you list, and that’s because the photos will show a clean, bright, clutter-free, and depersonalized house. Staging can help you achieve a faster sale and a higher offer. Home staging also requires you to tend to your curb appeal, and you may have to replace light bulbs or pack away hyper-personal items. While it may sound like a lot of work, you are positioning your home to win in a competitive market by doing these things. Giving buyers that “move-in-ready” feeling goes a long way. Lucky for you, Realty Unleashed stages your home for free, and we will help you with the whole process along the way.

Staging makes your house neutral.

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Living in your home represents who you and your family are. The staging process involves swapping out those personal aspects for impartial items. The reality is that a buyer doesn’t want to walk into a home and see remnants of another family’s life. Instead, they want to see how their family can live in your house. When getting ready to sell your home, making it as neutral as possible is the goal. Staging also helps you appeal to the most amount of buyers. For example, when we stage a home, we determine who the most likely buyer would be, and we stage the home in that way. The photo above is from a house in the suburbs, perfect for an established family. We staged this room to look like a children’s room so that buyers could envision their own children using this room. Stagers can identify what will look best in your home and then pick and choose from their inventory. Your house should look neutral so that you can appeal to the most amount of buyers!

Staging turns online viewings into in-person viewings.

One challenge when selling your home is getting buyers in the door. Although people go to when they want to begin their home search, the “falling in love” moment occurs when they walk into the front door of a home they adore. To position your house as a competitor in the market, you should always stage it before you list; a staged home brings in more viewings than a home that is not staged. Staging means your home is clean, decluttered, and depersonalized, meaning the photos online will portray a house that looks completely move-in-ready; buyers love a home that looks ready to live in. Your beautiful online photos will translate into in-person viewings, and the more traction your house gets, the more offers you can expect.

Staging prioritizes your curb appeal.

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When buyers walk into your home, they usually know if they like it within the first 5 minutes. It is not uncommon for people to drive past a house they saw on, and the exterior condition of your home is a good indicator of the inside state, meaning you should pay close attention to your curb appeal while your home is listed. Most of us do not keep up with our lawns 24/7, but for the period your house is listed, regularly mow your lawn or shovel your snow, depending on the season.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when thinking about your curb appeal:

  • How does my roof look? Are the shingles intact?
  • Does my lawn need to be mowed?
  • Do my walks need to be shovelled?
  • Are my light fixtures outdated?
  • Should I re-paint my front door?
  • Are there overgrown plants or shrubs that take away from the attractiveness of my home?

Realty Unleashed stages your home for free.

Realty Unleashed offers free home staging in Edmonton and Calgary. We provide this complimentary service with no catch at all. When you list your house with us, we stage it, clean it, and take care of any and all donation and eco-station runs. We also maintain your lawn mowing or shovelling, depending on the season! All of our services are included in our brokerage fee of 7% of the first $100,000 and 3% of the remaining balance of the sale price. Half of this fee is offered to the brokerage of the licensed Real Estate Agent in Edmonton representing the buyer. If you’re hoping to sell your home and are still looking for a REALTOR®, fill out the form below, and someone from our team will get in touch with you soon! We’d love to stage your house and help you sell!

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