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Staging Your Home in Edmonton this Winter: Tips and Tricks

Staging your home in Edmonton is an integral part of the selling process. We offer free home staging to our clients because we see the value time and time again; staged homes often sell for more money at a faster rate. The winter season in the city is often cold, snowy, and dark, so staging your home to appeal to buyers is of the utmost importance! By implementing a few of our tips and tricks, you can get your house ready for sale in no time. 

Get cozy!

Creating a cozy atmosphere is a must when staging your home in Edmonton for the winter. While you don’t need to get out your paintbrush to have a warm colour palette, you can add colour in other ways. Reds, greens, browns, or taupes will bring a wintery, cozy feel to a room. Use throw blankets, accent pillows, or area rugs to bring these colours into a room. It’s never a bad idea to add a wreath to your door or a scented candle that makes you think: “‘Tis the season!” By thoughtfully pulling these elements into your home, you can help possible buyers envision the space as a cozy retreat during the notoriously cold winter months in Edmonton.

Highlight any winter features your home has.

staging your home in Edmonton

Staging your home in Edmonton to highlight any winter features your home has is a great starting point. If you have a fireplace in the living room, for example, showcase it as the focal point. Arrange your furniture around the fireplace to bring attention to the warm and cozy ambiance. Some homes have heated garages or heated floors; these are desirable features for buyers! If your home has a hot tub or a sauna you are selling with the property, make sure it is well-maintained so buyers know they can enjoy those features in the coming months. Emphasizing any winter-specific elements in your home is another way buyers are encouraged to imagine how they can enjoy the cozy comforts your home offers them.

Maximize natural light.

The winter months bring shorter days and darker nights, meaning you want to showcase your natural light entry as much as possible! Open up your curtains and blinds to let the sun soak into your rooms. Clean your windows to remove dirt, grime, streaks, fingerprints, or frost, allowing the maximum amount of natural light to filter through. If you have shrubs or trees blocking windows, give them a good trim. You can always use light-coloured or sheer curtains to give rooms a more airy, bright feel. Give your home a cheerful atmosphere that buyers can enjoy while buying during the winter months.

Check on your curb appeal.

Start by making sure your walkways, driveway, and sidewalks are clear of snow and ice, not just for safety reasons but also to showcase the accessibility of your property. For fun, you can add some winter-friendly plants, faux Poinsettias, or potted evergreens to bring a touch of life to the outside of your home. Place a new, clean welcome mat outside your front door to set the tone! By paying attention to your home’s outdoor spaces and making them as warm and welcoming as possible, you create an excellent first impression that carries through the entire viewing experience, highlighting the desirability of your home even throughout the cold and dreary winter season.

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Staging your home in Edmonton is a considerable task, and we are happy to take the load off for you. If you need an Edmonton REALTOR® or Calgary REALTOR® to sell your home and stage it for free (and also clean your house, take care of your junk removal and maintain your yard care for the duration of your listing period), we would love to hear from you – please fill out the form below and someone from our team will get back to you soon!

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