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The Benefits of Working With a Local Real Estate Broker in Calgary

While some people opt for a private sale to save on commission, working with a Calgary REALTOR® will provide you with the largest market of buyers looking for their next home. Regardless of what your house sells for, we understand paying a commission to your REALTOR® might seem too costly. However, the truth is that selling your home privately can end up costing you more; not marketing your property to the largest pool of buyers on means that you will not see the highest offer should you opt to sell privately. Working with a local real estate broker in Calgary will ensure you get the most for your home; don’t believe us? Keep reading!

Your property will get more attention and more offers.

Working with a Calgary REALTOR® means accessing the largest pool of buyers. You may be considering selling your house privately to save the REALTOR® commission, but the commission savings will not guarantee that you pocketed the most out of the sale of your property. What if multiple buyers wanted to purchase your property, and you never knew about it, or they never knew about it? Utilizing a real estate professional and (the powerhouse of real estate search in Canada) will earn you significantly more than you might have saved in commission by selling privately.

Your REALTOR® will negotiate for you.


Negotiations are an essential part of buying or selling a property. You will eventually be in negotiation if you get far enough along in the buying or selling process. Your Calgary REALTOR® will need to negotiate a purchase agreement that satisfies both the seller and the potential buyer, which requires a good deal of experience! Many factors come into play during a real estate transaction: price, inspection, possession date, repairs, etc. Your Calgary REALTOR® represents you and should always have your best interest at heart. A successful negotiation demands familiarity and experience, meaning you should always have a real estate agent do this on your behalf.

Your success is of the utmost importance.

Your REALTOR® wants you to have a successful transaction; this should always be their goal along the way. Whether buying a new home or selling your beloved home, the intention and mission of your Calgary real estate agent are to satisfy your real estate needs and wants. In the same vein, they can’t be successful alone; you should consistently communicate with your REALTOR® and be open to their knowledge and advice. We love when our clients come to us with questions; it means that they trust us and trust that we are guiding them in the right direction. The confidence you have in your REALTOR® will directly link with the success of your home-buying or home-selling journey.

You will have continued support and guidance.

Speaking to a client

Profound emotions are attached to the buying and selling journey, whichever you are doing. A good REALTOR® will provide guidance, support, and sound advice. They are fluent in Calgary real estate and understand how the selling or buying journey can be frustrating and sometimes scary for their clients. Any good real estate professional will help you smoothly navigate offers, negotiations, contracts, inspections, etc. Your REALTOR® will help you feel confident when you are feeling unsteady; they have, hopefully, transacted enough to guide you through the process successfully and with ease!

Working with Realty Unleashed.

We believe in helping our clients every single step of the way. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our service that we give you the power to cancel your listing with zero cancellation fees at any time during your listing before accepting an offer to purchase. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and that means giving you the freedom to opt out. We know that our incredible team will work to meet your needs; we do this through consistent communication, free interior & exterior cleaning, free curb appeal, and free home staging, to name a few. You can learn more about your listing service here. If you’re looking for a Calgary REALTOR® to help you through the buying or selling process, we would love to hear from you – you can contact us below!

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