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3 Undeniable Reasons Why Home Staging is a Must in Edmonton

The purpose of home staging is to get your house ready for sale by applying specific strategies. Professional home stagers in Calgary use furniture and decor to help create a visual representation of each room. They will also work on decluttering, depersonalizing and cleaning the home to make it look the most appealing to buyers. Home staging motivates a buyer to make a speedy offer, leading to a faster sale at a higher price. The National Association of REALTORS® completed a survey in 2021, which found that homeowners could see a 5-15% return on investment when their home was staged before listing. Here are 3 rock-solid reasons you should stage your home before you list it.

Staging helps your house dominate the online market, selling faster and for more money.

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When people want to buy a home, one of their first stops will be Pictures of your listing will be the first thing they see, meaning that the photos of your home are essential. Staging your Edmonton home before you list will make your home look better than all the rest! Professional stagers set up rooms intentionally to pull emotions out of buyers. Your home will stand out when the photos are clean, bright, and minimal. Staging can help you achieve a faster sale and a higher offer when done the right way. The staging process is more than just putting furniture in a room or hanging a photo on the wall. It includes curb appeal, cleaning, changing light bulbs, touching up shotty paint jobs, decluttering, and depersonalizing. You are positioning your home to win in a competitive market by doing these things. Home staging in Edmonton also gives your house a “move-in-ready” feeling, which buyers love. This sort of feeling entices them to make a faster and higher offer in hopes that they can close a deal and be in your home as soon as possible.

Staging helps potential buyers visualize living in your home and overlook flaws they usually wouldn’t.

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Depersonalizing your home is one of the fundamental ways you can help buyers to envision themselves living there. It’s tough for someone to picture themselves living in your home if all they see are photos of your family, your decor, your items, etc.; they will have difficulty making a personal connection to your home. One of the ways you can combat this is by depersonalizing your home, meaning taking down family photos and replacing them with a neutral picture, for example. Also, you must remember that every house has flaws, no matter how much your home means to you. Things like broken baseboards or a spotty paint job are very typical in a lived-in home. But when your house is staged, it’s easier for buyers to overlook these flaws because they see the home’s shining qualities. Most buyers have a list of things they want in a home that they believe are non-negotiable. Staging your home also helps them to be flexible on their mental lists. Decorating your home as impartial as possible will help buyers place themselves there; by removing yourself, you are allowing them the chance to imagine their kids running around the house. 

Staging makes your home look bigger, cleaner, and better.

The belief that an empty room looks bigger than it would with furniture is simply not true. On the other hand, having an excess of furniture or clutter can make a room look smaller, so you need to stage a room properly. For example, when you think about a children’s room, you would need a twin bed, a single nightstand, a lamp, and a picture on the wall. What buyers see are the necessities of a room and the space to add more if they wish. When talking about home staging in Edmonton, less is more is the way to go; you don’t need to clear out a room, but you also don’t need to fill it. There is a sweet spot with just the necessities and tasteful decor. Every house has clutter; it’s just a part of living in a home. But part of the staging process will mean you have to remove any clutter so that your home puts its very best foot forward. Edmonton home stagers will work with you to depersonalize and declutter your home!

Realty Unleashed stages for free.

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Realty Unleashed offers free home staging in Edmonton and free home staging in Calgary. When you list with us, we also provide free cleaning services, lawn care, eco-station and donation center runs, and much more! We know the value of home staging because we have seen it work time and time again. If you are in the market for an Edmonton REALTOR® or a Calgary REALTOR®, we’d love to hear from you!

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