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Budget-Friendly Ways to Stage Your Edmonton Home

Edmonton home staging is part of a successful listing and selling process. Staged homes often perform better on the market because staging encourages buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. Realty Unleashed offers free Edmonton home staging and free Calgary home staging because we have seen, time and time again, how valuable it is to both sellers and buyers. The goal of home staging is to present your home in the best possible light, and although it can be costly, it can also be done on a budget. Here are a few ways you can stay budget-friendly while making your home look its very best!

Rearrange existing furniture.

Rearranging furniture is a great way to use what you already have! The goal with Edmonton home staging is to create a layout that emphasizes the functionality of each room while simultaneously making the space feel more open and inviting. Start by removing any excess or oversized furniture that might make rooms appear cramped or cluttered. Consider arranging the remaining pieces to highlight key architectural features, such as a fireplace or large windows. In the living room, arrange seating to create a conversational area that encourages coziness and quality time. Bedrooms should showcase their intended purpose, emphasizing comfort and relaxation. Experiment with different furniture placements to find each room’s most visually appealing and functional arrangement.

Focus on your curb appeal.

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The outside of your home indicates what buyers can expect to see on the inside. People often forget that Edmonton home staging isn’t just how the inside of your home looks; it also includes the exterior of your home. To achieve this on a budget, focus on simple yet impactful improvements. Trim overgrown bushes and trees, mow the lawn or shovel your walks. How does your front door look? Give it a good wipe, and don’t be afraid to get out the magic erasers! Minor fixes go a long way when it comes to curb appeal. When a buyer drives up to your house for a showing, you want them to be encouraged by the outside condition of your home. Here are a few things you can keep in mind when you think about curb appeal:

  • Does my lawn need to be mowed?
  • Do my walks need to be shovelled?
  • Are my light fixtures burnt out?
  • Should I re-paint my front door?
  • Are there overgrown plants or shrubs that take away from the attractiveness of my home?

Maximize natural light.

An important part of Edmonton home staging is ensuring rooms are bright and well-lit. Utilizing natural light is a budget-friendly and impactful strategy for enhancing the overall appeal of your home. Open curtains and blinds to let in as much natural light as possible, as well-lit spaces tend to feel more spacious and inviting. Consider replacing heavy or dark drapes with lighter, sheer curtains that allow more light to filter through and create an airy ambiance. Clean your windows so that they are sparkling and welcoming in the sunlight! This emphasis on natural light showcases positive aspects of your home, leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers as they tour the space.

Get cleaning!

Thoroughly cleaning your home is an indispensable and cost-effective strategy to make a compelling impression on potential buyers. A clean and well-maintained home communicates a sense of care and attention to detail. Clean carpets, floors, mirrors, windows, and surfaces to eliminate any trace of dirt or stains. Pay attention to kitchens and bathrooms, ensuring that countertops, appliances, and fixtures gleam. A spotless home enhances visual appeal and allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in a well-cared-for and comfortable space. The cleanliness of your home becomes a reflection of its overall maintenance, potentially influencing buyers’ perception of the property’s value.

Realty Unleashed offers free Edmonton home staging!

Edmonton home staging

Many moving parts go into home staging, but luckily we offer free Edmonton home staging and free Calgary home staging to our clients. When you list your home with Realty Unleashed, we stage it and clean it, as well as provide curb appeal services like lawn care or shovelling, and we will take care of eco-station and donation centre runs. We include these things in our listing services because we know the value of a well-kept home, and we know these homes tend to spend less time on the market, selling for more money. If you are looking for a REALTOR® in Edmonton or Calgary, we’d love to hear from you! You can fill out the form below, and someone from our team will get back to you shortly.

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