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How Home Staging in Calgary Gets Your House Ready to be Best on the Market

Home staging in Calgary uses a combination of design principles, psychology, and market knowledge to enhance the appeal of a home. The goal of staging is to make a house more appealing to possible buyers, ultimately helping it sell faster and at a better price. 81% of buyers have noted that having a staged home makes it easier to visualize it as their future home. When buyers can imagine themselves in your house, they are much more likely to make an offer, and typically a quick one. 45% of buyers noted that it would positively affect the house’s value if a home were staged, meaning that possible buyers feel more compelled to make an offer at the list price. You may actually get an offer more than the list price in some cases. Realty Unleashed offers free home staging in Calgary and Edmonton, but we’ll get into that later. For now, let’s look at the reasons why staging is effective.

Home staging gives each room purpose.

Rooms with intention and purpose make it easier for buyers to get the whole picture; they can begin mentally decorating rooms and imagining where the furniture will go. If a smaller room in your home is decorated with a crib, some cute stuffed animals, and children’s decor, buyers could imagine using that room for their nursery, for example. But if they were to walk into that same room when it’s empty, they may struggle to understand how furniture would make sense in a small space. Home staging in Calgary ensures that every room serves a purpose, allowing buyers to imagine their life in your home.

Home staging makes your home stand out.

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A staged home always looks better than one that is not. Home staging in Calgary helps your home put its best foot forward both in-person and online. In a digital world where we all utilize the Internet for almost everything, when buyers are ready to begin their home search, the first place they land is typically REALTOR.ca! One of the first things they will see is the photos of your home, which means your property should be staged before you list it. Listing pictures that portray a clean, well-staged property that appears to be well-kept and well-maintained will naturally get many more showing requests, and more showings make for a faster sale.

Home staging gives off a move-in-ready feeling.

Most of the time, buyers are hoping to find a move-in-ready home. While there are some exceptions, like people who are looking to fix and flip, most of the time we see people wanting a home that is ready to live in. Moving is a headache all on its own, so it’s a serious advantage when buyers find a home that is readily available to live in. When your property is cleaned, de-personalized, de-cluttered, and staged, you are putting yourself in a great position in a competitive real estate market. Nothing is more memorable and exciting for buyers than stepping into a home they adore, and one they can see the potential in right from the get-go!

Realty Unleashed offers free home staging in Calgary!

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Realty Unleashed offers free home staging in Calgary, as well as interior cleaning, snow shovelling, lawn mowing + yard care, junk removal, and eco-station runs. We know from experience that combining these services gives our clients the best chance of getting the most money for their homes as fast as possible. Selling your home in Calgary requires a lot of attention, effort, and care, which is why we provide services that take the stress and pressure away from you and give you the greatest opportunity to get the highest dollar for your house. If you are looking for a Calgary REALTOR® to help you sell your home, please fill out the form below, and someone from our team will get back to you soon!

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