The Pros and Cons of Living in Downtown Calgary

Living in downtown Calgary offers you a life of convenience, some gorgeous scenic views, and the luxury of living amongst the city’s heartbeat. For some people, a downtown lifestyle is exactly what they are looking for, thanks to job opportunities, public transportation, nightlife, cafes, entertainment, and the general ease of having so many great amenities nearby. However, it’s important to consider how a downtown lifestyle can impact other areas of your life. You can expect a higher cost of living, lots of noise, and limited green spaces to enjoy nature. Weighing the pros and cons of living in downtown Calgary should be done carefully! Here are some stand-out advantages and disadvantages of living in the heart of the city.


A life of convenience

One of the most obvious advantages of living in downtown Calgary is the unparalleled convenience of being close to various amenities and services. Residents often enjoy easy access to public transportation, reducing commute times and providing a seamless connection to different parts of the city. The downtown area typically boasts many shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, contributing to a vibrant urban lifestyle. This accessibility can significantly enhance day-to-day living, as residents are within walking distance of grocery stores, gyms, cultural institutions, and many dining establishments. Having workplaces, recreational facilities, and social hubs nearby offers a time-efficient lifestyle, attracting those who value efficiency and a bustling city experience.

Enjoying the city’s heartbeat

Downtown Calgary

Downtown Calgary boasts a vibrant cultural and entertainment hub, offering residents a rich tapestry of activities and experiences. The area hosts various cultural events, including art exhibitions, theatre performances, and music festivals. Museums and galleries are scattered around, as well as theatrical productions and live performances that contribute to the dynamic nightlife. Concert venues, trendy bars, cute cafes, bookstores, and local shops offer excellent weekend vibes for anyone in the neighbourhood! This concentration of cultural and entertainment offerings fosters a sense of community engagement and ensures that something stimulating is always happening in the heart of the city.

How are those views?

Depending on the specific location, residents may be treated to panoramic views of the city skyline, the beautiful Rocky Mountains, or the tranquil beauty of the Bow River. The juxtaposition of modern urban architecture against the backdrop of natural wonders creates a visually stunning environment. High-rise condominiums and apartments often allow residents to enjoy these views from their windows or balconies, cultivating a sense of connection to the surrounding landscape. The aesthetic appeal of these sceneries can be particularly enchanting during sunrise or sunset, adding a touch of serenity to the bustling metropolitan surroundings. While not every downtown location may offer such scenic beauty, those near prominent natural features can provide a unique and picturesque backdrop to daily life.


Cost of living

Life in downtown Calgary can be expensive, mostly due to the high cost of housing and general living expenses. The demand for centrally located properties often drives up rental and real estate prices, making it challenging for anyone on a budget. Although living near such great amenities is convenient, it comes at a premium. Living moments away from jobs, shops, entertainment, etc, is obviously a significant perk, but you will pay more to enjoy those luxuries than you would to live in the suburbs, for example. It’s important for anyone considering a downtown lifestyle to carefully evaluate their financial situation and weigh the convenience of downtown living against the potential strain on their budget.

Noise and crowds can get old

downtown Calgary

Although a busy and bustling atmosphere can be inspiring for people who thrive on urban energy, the noise of the city’s center can get old. The presence of events, festivals, and nightlife in downtown Calgary can amplify the noise level, especially during evenings and weekends. You may hear more traffic, honking, and sirens throughout the night as well. The potential compromise on peace is the trade-off for the convenience of having so many great amenities within reach. You should certainly assess your tolerance for constant background noise!

Limited green spaces

Towering buildings and bustling streets typically mean limited options for outdoor activities in a relaxed, natural setting. While some downtown Calgary areas may have smaller parks or green patches, they usually don’t compare to the expansive green spaces found in the suburbs. Lack of greenery can impact the quality of life for people who seek a connection to nature or even people with dogs who want to take a short walk or drive to an off-leash park.

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