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Your Role as an Executor

As the executor of a will, you have the duty of honouring someone’s wishes who has since passed on. Handling the affairs of a loved one’s estate comes with great responsibility. Meaning you must carefully follow the wishes of the person who is deceased. But following those wishes often includes making decisions that may not be specifically outlined in the will. Additionally, the administration of a will has some complexities that must be carefully navigated. While we are not experts on executing wills, we have played a part in many of our client’s journeys. We’ve done this by listing and selling properties associated with a will, and have worked closely with those mourning. We are here to offer you some gentle advice during this new role in your life.

Your questions have answers.

You might be asking yourself, “What does being an executor to a will mean?” Rest assured that you are not alone in being unaware of all that comes with executing a will. There is an abundance of helpful resources available for your concerns, such as Calgary Legal Guidance or Executor Helpers. You are supported by their staff to take on the task, which could otherwise create some liability issues when not done correctly. For example, if the beneficiaries of a will lose finances or belongings, you are held responsible for what was lost. Or, if you unknowingly favor one beneficiary over another, this will result in many legal and personal issues. In any case, relying on the advice of professionals, such as an Estate or Probate Lawyer, will help alleviate stressors.

The trust between you and your real estate professional is paramount.

Realty Unleashed Staff

Handling bequests and dispositions is another significant part of being named executor. Moveable assets like jewelry and furnishings are often easy to distribute, as is the distribution of cash and cash-like assets. However, when it comes to real property, the distribution can become troublesome. The decisions surrounding the listing, marketing, and selling of the property may invite some anxieties. Particularly when there is more than one beneficiary. To be an estate executor, you should have a good relationship with the REALTOR® selling the property. The trust between you and your real estate professional will allow you to settle the general uneasiness. Moreover, selling a property that belongs to an estate often includes re-homing personal possessions that have fallen outside of what the will states but still may have sentimental value.

Realty Unleashed is here to help you.

This is where Realty Unleashed shines. First and foremost, we understand that you will have concerns going into the selling process. The property belonging to an estate has many strings attached. It is our priority to ensure that the property is handled gracefully and respectfully. Our team spends time researching prices so that you can achieve top market value; we believe that our clients should get the most from their properties. We also get properties ready for sale and keep it looking great while it is listed. Our initial services include cleaning your property inside and out. Our Curb Appeal Crew takes care of interior window washing and initial listing/move-out cleaning. Did we mention that we also take care of your donation centre & eco-station runs? After all these items have been taken care of, it’s time to stage. Our REALTOR®s will set up a staging consultation to get your property looking ready to sell. Depending on the season, we make sure that the driveway, walks, and yard of the property are in tip-top condition. Not only that, but you can sleep well knowing that our team is doing regular check-in visits to the property. We trust that the services we offer will help to alleviate some of your worries.

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Your family’s treasured belongings are important to us too.

Lastly, Realty Unleashed is very happy to help match belongings left behind with someone who can love and appreciate them. Let’s say that there is an extraordinary table that was hand-built and has passed between generations. We want to make sure that table goes to a good home where it will be used, appreciated, and loved. Realty Unleashed understands the emotions embedded in leaving behind belongings. We also know how important it is to honor the belongings of those who have passed. You can trust us to find good homes for those personal, unique items.

The bottom line.

Becoming an executor is no walk in the park, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a meaningful privilege. Between ensuring beneficiaries have received what they are entitled to, finding good homes for well-loved items, and listing and selling property, you’ve certainly put in a lot of work. Our team is ready to assist you in preparing and listing a property to sell. It’s our hope that our services make this part of your new role less stressful. We want to give you more space to be present in other important areas.

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