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Why Should You Hire a Staging Company?

Hiring a staging company is effective because it helps your home sell fast. If you are ready to list your property and don’t want it sitting on the market for a long time, stage it. Realty Unleashed stages your Calgary home for free. Yes, for free. We include it as part of our listing services, which you can read more of here! Realty Unleashed is currently serving clients in Edmonton and Calgary. But, if you’re located somewhere else and need further insight on why home staging is worth the investment, keep reading!

Your home will stand out amongst the others.

A staged home simply looks better. And when it comes to the market, eye candy is super important! Most potential buyers go on to start looking for homes that they want to view. The first thing they will see are the photos of your home. If your photos showcase a clean, bright, and well-staged property, you will get more viewings than a home that is not. More viewings make for a faster sale. Trust us!

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You can appeal to more buyers.

Perhaps you don’t have kids, but you have a room that would make a great nursery. You may not have considered how the rooms in your home can be used for other families. With the nursery example, a stager will utilize that room to appeal to a broader range of buyers. Setting up a crib and laying down a cozy rug will help buyers visualize their nursery in your home. What was once a dull office for your work-from-home life is now a dreamy landscape for a mom-to-be. 

A buyer’s market moves quickly.

 A buyer’s market means that there are more properties on the market than there are people looking to buy. When there is more supply than there is demand, buyers can be extra picky. If you’re selling your property in a buyer’s market, it’s up to you to make your home put its best foot forward. Having a staged home is one effective way that your home can stand out amongst all the others.

A vacant home especially benefits from staging.

The truth is that a vacant property looks bleak and boring. It’s hard for potential buyers to visualize themselves in your home if there is nothing in it for them to see. Staging will take care of that problem. By setting up those empty rooms with furniture that makes sense, buyers can get a good feel for their life in your home. The effort and resources that go into staging a vacant home will improve the value of your property—buyers need to be able to picture their families living happily in your home.

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Use this opportunity to start packing.

Moving means you have to pack, right? Staging your home gives you the incentive to start the packing and cleaning process. You can certainly stage your home with things you already own. If your furniture is clean-looking and you have a few staple neutral pieces, you’re in good shape! Staging doesn’t just mean creating a visual experience with furniture. It also means you need to remove clutter, de-personalize, and clean! We have a whole article here about how to stage your home with what you already have, and how to do it properly.

If you’re not convinced yet…

Staging your home takes time, effort, and resources. If you are located in Calgary or Edmonton and are selling your property, keep in mind that Realty Unleashed includes staging in our listing services! If you’ve come across this article but you aren’t located in Edmonton or Calgary, have a read through some of our other articles about why home staging can make all the difference:

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